This page lists some cinemas and other companies who are using DCP-o-matic. If you would like a link to yourself, your company or your cinema, please do get in touch.

There is no sinister motive: just to show doubters that real people use DCP-o-matic successfully, and to show me that it is worth the work!

You can also see the users list on a map.

▶  Africa

▶  Americas


  • Nick Montaggio, Buenos Aires.
  • Santiago Ferreira, Mendoza.
  • Rodrigo Fernandez, Tucumán.


  • Limegrove Cinemas, Holetown. See more.
    Limegrove Cinemas is an independent gold class twin cinema located on the beautiful island of Barbados. The plush boutique cinema offers Dolby 3D, table service and reservations by phone at 246-271-0071. We have just downloaded DVD-o-matic to convert ads and featurettes for our pre-show. See less.




Costa Rica


Dominican Republic


  • Cine Chaplin, Melo, Cerro Largo.



▶  Asia


  • Vector Lab, Dhaka.
  • Peacock Films, Dhaka.


  • Ray Tao, Beijing & Guangzhou.
  • Alex Ma, Macau.


  • Shibupaul Mexec-Cochin, Kerala.
  • Subrata Sen Communications, Kolkata.
  • Subhajit Singha, Kolkata. See more.
    I am creating dcps with dcpomatic for last three years. I have created dcps of commercials for local inox theatres. Both in HD and 2k 2.39 format. The result is good and I have not gat any complain for any one about the quality or ingest problem. I have also created dcps of Full-length feature around (120min to 150 min), short films ( 10minutes to 45minues) with dcpomatic. For last three years my projects have projected various national and international film festivals. Since 2013 my projects has been projected IFFI. And I my projects Nirbashito and Chotoderchobi has got national awards in 2014. This year also I have three movie selected Cinemawala, Pakaram and a short Ujantali. This is a great success story of dcpomatic. This application has helped a lot to Bengali cinema. We have small budget limited equipment. Still with the help with this application we have succeeded to project our projects to the world. See less.
  • Mahendar T. Dubey, Mumbai.


  • Aditya Praam, Jakarta.







  • Muhammed Saquib Baqai, Karachi. See more.
    Consultant to production houses and media channels looking to get their productions prepared for 2K or 4K screens. Kinoton/Barco level-1 certified installation technician. See less.


South Korea


▶  Australasia


New Zealand

▶  Europe



  • INSAS, Brussels.
  • Reality+, Brussels.
  • Thiry Productions Studios, Leuven.
  • sub4u, Linkebeek.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Faris Dobrača, Sarajevo.


Czech Repulic























  • Capitol, Göteborg.
  • Bio Roy, Göteborg.
  • Göteborg International Film Festival (GIFF), Göteborg.
  • Studio BuJi, Göteborg. See more.
    We have used DVD-o-Matic and now DCP-o-Matic to make digital cinema screening copies of our latest film, The Dance of the Sun, a documentary on the role of dance in Japanese culture. See less.
  • Kiruna Filmstudio, Kiruna. See more.

    Kiruna filmstudio is a filmclub since 1954, which shows one film every Thursday and some extra films during the Snow festival and on April 12, Gagarin's day (since our little town is the home of Sweden’s space industry) - but we take a break during the Arctic light film festival in November.

    DCP-o-matic has been used for making vignettes for the film club and also for making DCPs of short films to make them easier to use in a DCP feature film show. Thank you for your big effort in enhancing DCP-o-matic to let it burn in the strange subtitles we had! See less.

  • Lidköpings Folkets Hus, Lidköping.
  • Roxy Cinema, Örebro.
  • Regina, Östersund.
  • Zita, Stockholm. See more.
    Zita is a 3-screen arthouse cinema in Stockholm, Sweden. Opened in 1913 as “Vinterpalatset” (The Winter Palace), it was a porn cinema for some time, closed in 1990 but reopened in 1993 as a part of “Folkets Bio” (Cinema of the people). We screen mostly European arthouse movies, documentaries and festivals from all over the world.

    Zita slowly abandoned 35mm some ten years back for a homemade sub-DCI standard using Tvix mediaplayers and Panasonic PT-D7700 projectors, but now we have moved on to DCI standards.

    DVD-o-matic is a very useful tool for us, especially when it comes to special screenings with home made DVDs and BluRays and weird media files. Film makers with a limited budget are quite happy too, they come to our cinema with a mediafile and they leave with a free DCP. See less.

  • Tollereds Biograf, Tollered.
  • Folkets Hus, Ulricehamn. See more.
    Folkets Hus in Ulricehamn is house of culture in our city. We have been showing films for over 100 years now. Still have one of the original projectors up in one of the two projection boths, an Ernemann with open arc carbon. "Folkets Hus" means "Peoples House". The House opened in 1902 as “Föreningshuset” (The Community House). Today, we have 2 screens here. We abandoned 35mm some ten years back, and went directly to DCI standards in series 1 DCI 2K. We have recently digitized one more time and we are now in last series DCI 4K and have HFR capabiliies. DVD-o-matic is a very useful tool for us, especially when it comes to special home made DVDs and BluRays and strange media files. Film makers with a limited budget are happy too. They come to us with their media and we convert to DCP. The film maker come and see the result and leave with a smile on his/her lips. See less.
  • Folkets Bio Umeå, Umeå.


  • Art Imp, Biel. See more.
    Aardvark can give a review as we receive work from many labs. What we can say is that the xyz color and encoding quality from DOM  is similar to that of Easy Dcp and Mist. We can also say that the packaging has been highly successful, especially on Dolby 2000 servers with 2014 Os updates, for SMPTE and IOP files. Thus we can say that it has enabled us to send subtitle updates to the lab and receive these improved VF files within hours. See less.
  • AV Preservation by, Ecublens.
  • InsKino, Ins.
  • Ciné2520, La Neuveville.
  • Créatic, Lausanne.
  • Clato Pictures Filmstudio, Schaffhausen.
  • Cinepol, Sins.

The Netherlands