Free, open-source DCP creation from almost anything.

DCP-o-matic is a free, open-source program to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) from videos, images, sound and subtitle files. You can use it to make content for playback on DCI-compliant cinema projectors.

It can take files in many different formats, including MP4, Apple ProRes, MOV, AVI, M2TS (from Blu-Ray), VOB (from DVD), WMV, MKV, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and lots of others.

It will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux      and is in use in 54 countries around the world.


Sun Apr 30 00:32:43 2017
Fix some cppcheck warnings.

Sat Apr 29 23:52:17 2017
Try to improve hint when making a DCP which is not 24 or 48fps.

Thu Apr 27 14:07:27 2017
Updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.

Thu Apr 27 14:07:21 2017
Move ports around to allow master/server to coexist (#962).

Thu Apr 27 10:57:15 2017
Distinguish master DoM encode threads count from the server count.

Thu Apr 27 10:40:52 2017
Missing file.

Wed Apr 26 09:04:06 2017
Use orange for audio peaks that are quite near clipping and red for those that are very close (#1054).

Wed Apr 26 14:29:21 2017
Initial work on removing storage of subtitle times.

Thu Apr 27 08:23:16 2017
Try to fix build with older boosts.

Wed Apr 26 10:02:46 2017
Nicer fix for previous commit.

Wed Apr 26 10:01:44 2017
Fix video flickering when seeking near the end of the film.

Wed Apr 26 09:26:57 2017
Add 1.43:1 (IMAX) ratio.

Wed Apr 26 09:13:49 2017
Copy config.xml and cinemas.xml if they fail to load so data is not lost.

Sun Apr 23 22:11:48 2017
Tidy up _last_video_time to make it more like _last_audio_time.

Sun Apr 23 22:08:37 2017
Fix seeking; seek all decoders even if they have no content at the seek position, and make Player cope with the FFmpegDecoder emitting pre-roll data. This seems nicer than making FFmpegDecoder do it.

Sun Apr 23 20:23:21 2017
Discard audio received before the time of the last accurate seek.

Sun Apr 23 20:22:19 2017
Cope better with the butler thread throwing an exception; give up on doing anything else with it.

Sun Apr 23 20:21:39 2017
Add AudioMerger::clear() method.

Sun Apr 23 19:30:10 2017
Cope better with the butler thread throwing an exception; stop the butler doing anything so that the exception can be reported.


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28th April 2017

A good morning to the Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth, Cumbria!

18th April 2017

It has transpired that around noon GMT on 16th April the DCP-o-matic project in our bug database was deleted by actors unknown. It appears that they gained administrator rights in our installation of the Mantis bug tracker.

If you have a Mantis account and you use the same password on any other sites you are strongly advised to change this password everywhere it is used.

At the moment I don't think anything else on was compromised.

The bug tracker has been restored from a backup and I don't think much has been lost. If you added a bug or comment since 16th April you will need to re-add it.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

9th April 2017

DCP-o-matic 2.10.5 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects one problem with 2.10.2:

Thanks to Eric Lesachet. Download it from here.

6th April 2017

A belated good afternoon to the David Lean Cinema in Croydon, London, England!

1st April 2017

Good evening to AV preservation by in Ecublens, Lausanne, Switzerland.

29th March 2017

A big hello to the Port Fairy Film Society in Victoria, Australia!

15th March 2017

Good evening to Escuela de Audiovisuales in León, Spain and Six Shooters Showhall in Watford City, North Dakota, USA!

1st March 2017

A big hello to Lidköpings Folkets Hus in Lidköping, Sweden and thanks to Peter Ericson for the donation!

28th February 2017

Welcome along to Line Wood Audio Post Work in Nepal!

13th February 2017

Hello also to SPEC du Haut Richelieu in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada!

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