Free, open-source DCP creation from almost anything.

DCP-o-matic is a free, open-source program to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) from videos, images and sound files. This means that you can make content to play on DCI-compliant cinema projectors.

It can take files in many different formats, including MP4, Apple ProRes, MOV, AVI, VOB (from DVDs), M2TS (from Blu-Ray), WMV, MKV, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and lots of others.

It will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.   

DCP-o-matic is a renamed and updated version of DVD-o-matic and is in use in 46 countries around the world.


Tue May 3 22:21:01 2016
Allow build with the Ubuntu 16.04 version of FFmpeg.

Tue May 3 20:37:03 2016
Rename and simplify the FFmpeg EBUR128 configure check.


Fri Apr 29 21:59:28 2016
Fix incorrect date when using copy-as-name (#869).

Wed Apr 27 00:50:00 2016
Add free-text notes field to cinemas and screens.

Tue Apr 26 23:02:16 2016
Request confirmation before resetting preferences (#867).



Thu Apr 28 22:28:55 2016
Add some TRANSLATORS comments.

Thu Apr 28 22:22:41 2016
Remove some misunderstandings about context i18n forms.

Thu Apr 28 22:18:41 2016
Updated fr_FR translation from Thierry Journet.

Thu Apr 28 22:18:28 2016
Add another translator to i18nup.


Wed Apr 27 08:16:20 2016
Updated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.


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1st May 2016

Hello and welcome to the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society who are using DCP-o-matic to present their preshow material! Thanks for getting in touch!

29th April 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.8.0 was released.

This release includes:

Thanks to Fabio “Zak” Belli, Carsten Kurz, Tomáš Begeni, Tiago Casal Ribeiro, Rov (若文), Rob van Nieuwkerk, Thierry Journet, Igor Voytovich, Adam Klotblixt and Manuel AC.

We have added 9 new supporters since 2.7.0: thanks to Steve Reverand, Michal Moc, Gordon McLeod, David Armati Lechner, Mario Kalogjera, Denis Ivashvkevych, Film.Ca Inc, OpsCenter Technologies, Inc and JP Davidson. Download it from here.

18th April 2016

Hello and welcome to the 197th user on our list, Cinema Ideal in Lisbon, Portugal.

11th April 2016

DCP-o-matic is proud to have been added as a Technikpartner for filmkreis.de in Darmstadt, Germany. Thanks, Filmkreis Team!

14th March 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.7.1 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects an intermittent crash on adjusting colourspace conversions. Download it from here.

8th March 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.7.0 was released.

This release links to a new version of the JPEG2000 library OpenJPEG and includes some new optimisation patches written by Aaron Boxer. These improvements should provide a 20% increase in encoding speed in most circumstances.

It also links to an updated version of the low-level DCP writing library asdcplib.

This release also includes:

Thanks to Rob van Nieuwkerk, Carsten Kurz, Igor Voytovich, Tomáš Hlaváč, Tomáš Begeni, Manuel AC and Thierry Journet.

We have added 19 new supporters since 2.6.3: thanks to Dave Fleegel, Kert Kiima, Mobiles Kino e.V., Gerhard Gruber, Desiderio Garcia Ramirez, Stéphane Wagneur, Aditya Pratama, Thierry Journet, George Mazarakis, Yohann Dedy, Karl Jacob, Gerard Manshanden, Nathan Carpenter, Juan Marin Lorenzo, Gregg Smith, the film Mandorla, Tito Oliveira, Denis Postle and Stefan Massopust.

Download it from here.

6th March 2016

Bonjour à Le Parvis dans les Pyrénées à Ibos!

23rd February 2016

A state-side hello to the Cape Cinema in Dennis, Massachusetts.

18th February 2016

Hello to the Kiruna Filmstudio in Sweden, another addition to the users list!

10th February 2016

And a further hello to Créatic in Lausanne, Switzerland!

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