Users of DCP-o-matic have reported that it works with the following projectors and servers. If you have any successes that you wish to report, please do get in touch with as many details as possible.

Barco Alchemy ICMP
Christie Solaria One
Dolby DSS100/DSP100
Dolby DSS200
Dolby DSS220
Doremi DCP-2000
Doremi DCP-2K4
Doremi IMS1000
Doremi ShowVault
GDC SX-2000
GDC SX-2001A
GDC SX-3000
Qube XP-D
Qube XP-I
Sony LMT-300
Sony XCT-S10
USL CMS-2200
Barco DP100
Barco DP1500
Barco DP2K-10S
Barco DP2K-12C
Barco DP2K-15C
Barco DP2K-20C
Barco DP2K-23B
Barco DP2K-8S
Barco DP3000
Barco DP4K-23B
Barco DP4K-30L
Barco DP4K-32B
Christie 4230
Christie CP2000-S
Christie CP2000-X
Christie CP2000-ZX
Christie CP2210
Christie CP2220
Christie CP2230
Christie CP4220
Christie CP4230
Christie Solaria One
NEC 1200
NEC 1600
NEC 2000
NEC 3200
NEC 3240
NEC iS8-2K
Sony SRX-R320
Sony SRX-R510 DS
Sony SRX-R510P
Sony SRX-R515 DS
Sony SRX-R515P