Scheduled For Release 2017-08-21
0001199: [Bugs] Audio analysis is slow
0001204: [Clean-up] Try another subtitle approach where able decoders can bypass the pass() API and give subtitles accurately
0001182: [Features] Allow Interop subtitles in SMPTE DCPs
0001187: [Clean-up] runtime_error strings in Film::make_dcp should be capitalised to look better in error dialogues.
0000887: [Features] Allow removal of video and audio from a FFmpeg file to leave just subtitles
0001106: [Features] [libsub] support \pos and \fs in ssa format
0001146: [Features] Export multiple reels to separate files
0000907: [Documentation] Add screencast for making a few VFs of different subtitle languages with a common OV
0000448: [Features] Skip entire fake write pass if we have all video data
0001103: [Features] Export options
0000970: [Bugs] Various scroll bar problems with audio matrix view
0001176: [Bugs] Encoding server list does not update if any server is getting down (carl)
0001180: [Clean-up] Cmd-W should only close the current file (carl)
0000725: [Features] CCAP
0001211: [Features] set initial position of bitmap subtitles into the active area (carl)
0000832: [Features] Add new color conversions (carl)
0001085: [Bugs] 2.11.10 preview mode: clicking the scrub button (carl)
0001201: [Features] Enable more simple keyboard options (carl)
0001200: [Features] When subtitle list is open, moving in the list/selecting subtitle lines, cue to that sub in preview (carl)
0001189: [Features] Add some option to perform audio analysis / EBU R128 analysis arbitrarily (carl)
0001172: [Features] Do we know what happens when we export 3D content to ProRes or MP4? (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-03-01
0001212: [Bugs] Check what happens with config when upgrading to 2.11.x from 2.10.5.
0001206: [Bugs] Exception at the top of emit_audio (993 in 2.11.55)
0001156: [Bugs] Crash on import of a KDM decryption chain private key
0001173: [Clean-up] grey out options when versioning/VF demands? (carl)
0001209: [Bugs] Errors in subtitle XML are not dealt with very nicely (carl)
0001198: [Bugs] Crash on opening OV after VF in player (carl)
0001194: [Bugs] Changing of cropping is slow (carl)
0001205: [Bugs] Memory leak in 2.11.5x? (carl)
0001195: [Features] Make decoding resolution in player sticky? (carl)
0001166: [Bugs] NG standalone Player subtitle handling (carl)
0000916: [Bugs] Nudge buttons not working (carl)
0001175: [Bugs] Stop-on-drag behaviour of playhead still is not right (carl)
0001203: [Bugs] Audio analysis of 2. File wrong (carl)
0001193: [Bugs] Assertion failure at (carl)
0001197: [Bugs] When you play a scope DCP with subtitles (in the player) the subtitles are in the border (carl)
0001196: [Bugs] Player puts a black border around scope DCPs (carl)
0001192: [Bugs] Crash when importing DCP into new project created from existing template with sub settings (carl)
0001191: [Bugs] VF creation with sound is extremely slow (carl)
0001141: [Bugs] Bad color conversion for image files (carl)
0001188: [Bugs] Trying to create a KDM or DKDM for unencrypted content results in program crash (carl)
0001137: [Bugs] Preselect KDM 'Write To' options/radio buttons with a suitable option by default (carl)
0001185: [Bugs] Long CPL names break player status display formatting (carl)
0001190: [Bugs] Main DoM and Batch Converter should not fight over the listening port for servers (carl)
0001186: [Bugs] No sound in player with ctt2095LFE-Ramps-Flat_TST-1-48cd_F_EN-en_US-15_51_2K_CTT_20170505_SMPTE_OV (carl)
0001063: [Bugs] Unknown WAV markers cause noise in WAV files (carl)
0001184: [Bugs] FFmpeg crash when loading (carl)
0000976: [Bugs] Various 3D problems (carl)
0001181: [Packaging] Missing package dependency in dcp-o-matic testing version 2.11.44 (carl)
0001174: [Bugs] Crash on playback (carl)
0001177: [Bugs] Seek to sub-frame position with a DCP decoder gives black (carl)
0001090: [Bugs] 2.11.11 : Impossible to insert subtitles over an imported DCP (carl)
0000544: [Bugs] Slow image import? (carl)
0001111: [Bugs] Dolby TrueHD sound track in content leads to problems (even when not used!) (carl)
0000934: [Bugs] Cmd-W does not close program (carl)
0001041: [Bugs] Audio analysis very slow with True HD track (carl)
0001170: [Features] Add CPL frame rate (DCP frame rate) to DCP info in standalone player (carl)
0001171: [Features] Add File -> 'Recent' list to player menu (carl)
0001155: [Bugs] Subtitle colours wrong in export (carl)
0001167: [Bugs] When you try to open an OV in standalone player, and there is no previously loaded VF, the player silently vanishes/crashes (carl)
0001165: [Bugs] Using .sup subtitles (blu-ray PGS, bitmap) during preview crashes DOM 2.11.40 (carl)
0001112: [Bugs] In 2.11.16, using crop buttons changes preview position (carl)
0001164: [Clean-up] Missing player localization strings under 'File-> 'Add KDM', 'Add OV' and everything under 'View' in German po files (carl)
0001163: [Bugs] Can't open project file with 2.11.39 that works with 2.11.38... (carl)
0001162: [Bugs] Subtitle appearance controls are not applied to XML/DCP subs (carl)
0001160: [Features] When selecting a subtitle file in content list with 'jump to selected content' checked, do not jump to 00:00:00, but first sub (carl)
0001000: [Bugs] Wrong decryption KDM applied results in crash (carl)
0001097: [Bugs] Appearance subtitle controls not reflected in preview (carl)
0001034: [Bugs] ü in cinema / screen name stops KDM creation from working (carl)
0001158: [Clean-up] Add 'Cancel' option to certificate remake warning dialog, and deselect 'don't show this warning again' checkbox (carl)
0001011: [Features] Check DKDM for validity as soon as it's loaded, not when we try to use it (carl)
0001105: [Bugs] Exporting to overwrite an existing file fails (carl)
0001003: [Features] Improve the interface for editing certificate chain (carl)
0001157: [Clean-up] Add version info to encode server GUI (carl)
0001051: [Features] Some way of applying the same subtitle settings to many files (carl)
0001101: [Bugs] Last subtitle keeps hanging the whole time until next text-change (carl)
0000835: [Features] colour audio level channel designations in audio analysis window with the same color that their graphs show (carl)
0001139: [Bugs] Export of 4K DCP only to 2K ProRes (carl)
0000987: [Features] Some progress bar when importing large folders of image files (carl)
0001150: [Packaging] ../src/lib/ fatal error: magick/MagickCore.h: No such file or directory (carl)
0001109: [Bugs] Percentage counter not updated in DOM Batch Converter (carl)
0001019: [Bugs] Deinterlacing filter not applied to preview straight away? (carl)
0001154: [Bugs] DOM 2.11.34 stalls when creating DCP from trimmed content (carl)
0001136: [Bugs] Problems with 2.11.x on DSS200 (carl)
0001152: [Features] Please reset position when loading new DCP in player (carl)
0001118: [Bugs] ISDCF/DCNC generated CPL names should only carry numerical values in interior aspect ratio descriptor (carl)
0001124: [Bugs] download cert for doremi in kdm creator (carl)
0001084: [Bugs] "ticking" sound is added by DOM 2.11.10 (carl)
0001131: [Bugs] Unrecognised DPX sequence (carl)
0001116: [Bugs] wxWidget Debug alert after opening DCP in WIN7(64) (carl)
0001132: [Features] dcpomatic2_kdm_cli - DKDMs based KDM (carl)
0001143: [Bugs] color issues when exporting (carl)
0001129: [Bugs] Ghost image when export to H264 in not the original container (carl)
0001093: [Bugs] Dependency problems on Debian unstable (carl)
0001125: [Bugs] 4K DCPS fail Arri DCI Compliance (carl)
0001121: [Features] Add default file path to open DCPs, and/or remember last chosen location (carl)
0001126: [Bugs] Making a new DCP with the same video data as a previous one corrupts the previous (carl)
0001123: [Bugs] DPX log vs. lin interpretation looks faulty? (carl)
0001113: [Bugs] Reencode a DCP changing subtitle options wrongly reuse the video (carl)
0001120: [Bugs] Every second attempt (even reopening the same DCP) to load a DCP in standalone player crashes the player (carl)
0001119: [Bugs] player competes with DOM main GUI about encoding servers (carl)
0001117: [Bugs] DoM Player - does not render subtitles (carl)
0001075: [Features] Stereo mixdown option in export (carl)
0001115: [Bugs] DoM Player's errors (carl)
0001108: [Bugs] New preferences bug (carl)
0001104: [Features] _cli option to specify a list of servers in a text file (carl)
0001100: [Features] config (carl)
0001102: [Bugs] Changing DCP frame rate does not update ISDCF name (carl)
0001092: [Bugs] Preview of project with only subtitles is completely broken (carl)
0000136: [Features] Sound in the preview (carl)
0001091: [Bugs] "Show DCP" does not work when there are spaces in the filename? (carl)
0001081: [Features] add 'Size' to cover sheet (carl)
0001078: [Bugs] "ZIP file already exists" (carl)
0001077: [Bugs] audio is garbled in DCPs created with DOM 2.11.[678] (carl)
0001076: [Bugs] dcpomatic encode server cannot be started (carl)
0001012: [Features] Arrange DKDMs in folders in the UI (carl)
0000999: [Bugs] Black frames on slightly unusual .avi input (carl)
0001074: [Packaging] Fix other icons to match new main DoM icon (carl)
0001035: [Bugs] Better error when trying to add a KDM with "add file..." (carl)
0000993: [Features] Automatically set the right color conversion with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 exported Files (carl)
0000478: [General] Sending KDM via email zip-file has strange name (carl)
0000984: [Bugs] Making a 3D DCP from a 2D one fails (carl)
0001002: [Documentation] Better docs on various export buttons for DCP decryption chain (carl)
0000664: [Features] Default "scale to" in preferences (carl)
0001070: [Features] Export project to MP4 (carl)
0000746: [Features] Save as/ Duplicate project (carl)
0001039: [Features] Automatic cover sheet creation (carl)
0000942: [Features] Add folder... should probably accept a directory of WAV / audio files. (carl)
0000941: [Features] More tracks in timeline (carl)
0001046: [Bugs] No feedback if KDM creator attempts to send emails with no mail server configured (carl)
0000962: [Features] Some way of allowing an encoding server & "master" DCP-o-matic to coexist peacefully (carl)
0001054: [Features] Change color/warning levels for audio levels (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2013-07-17
Post 1.0
0000191: [Bugs] Closing the main frame should have a confirmation if an encode is in progress (carl)
0000216: [Bugs] Interop setting should restrict frame rate to 24 or 48 (carl)
0000217: [Bugs] Rec 709 colour preset (carl)
0000199: [Features] Allow creation of Interop DCPs (carl)
0000187: [Features] Configurable colour transformation / gamma correction (carl)
0000003: [General] Support stereoscopic content
0000158: [Features] Support 3D (carl)
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