Scheduled For Release 2017-03-01
0000981: [Bugs] Merge better-seek branch (carl)
0001048: [Features] Annotationtext tag of assetmap should contain filmtitle (carl)
0000975: [Features] VF KDMs should probably include the keys for the OV (carl)
0001045: [Bugs] KDM creator crashes when emailing KDMs (carl)
0000961: [Features] Allow changing of job order in the batch converter (carl)
0000927: [Features] Please att estimated wall clock time for encode completion (carl)
0000986: [Features] 1/2 or 1/4 or whatever J2K decode when it's possible in the player (carl)
0001033: [Bugs] Content -> RightClick->Properties crashes DOM 2.10.4 (carl)
0001008: [Bugs] Warn about overwriting files when creating KDMs (carl)
0001013: [Features] Configure default folder to write KDMs to in settings (carl)
0001021: [Bugs] Failure to write reels in some cases (carl)
0001010: [Features] Allow multi-edit of timing (carl)
0001007: [Bugs] Need to enforce unique screen names (carl)
0000992: [Bugs] Bump ffmpeg (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-04-21
0000934: [Bugs] Cmd-W does not close program
0000999: [Bugs] Black frames on slightly unusual .avi input
0001019: [Bugs] Deinterlacing filter not applied to preview straight away?
0000962: [Features] Some way of allowing an encoding server & "master" DCP-o-matic to coexist peacefully
0001046: [Bugs] No feedback if KDM creator attempts to send emails with no mail server configured
0001034: [Bugs] ü in cinema / screen name stops KDM creation from working
0001041: [Bugs] Audio analysis very slow with True HD track (carl)
0000942: [Features] Add folder... should probably accept a directory of WAV / audio files.
0000941: [Features] More tracks in timeline
0000935: [Features] Skip frames in preview when CPU is too slow
0000976: [Bugs] Various 3D problems
0000907: [Documentation] Add screencast for making a few VFs of different subtitle languages with a common OV
0000987: [Features] Some progress bar when importing large folders of image files
0000448: [Features] Skip entire fake write pass if we have all video data
0000993: [Features] Automatically set the right color conversion with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 exported Files
0000746: [Features] Save as/ Duplicate project (carl)
0000544: [Bugs] Slow image import?
0001002: [Documentation] Better docs on various export buttons for DCP decryption chain
0001003: [Features] Improve the interface for editing certificate chain
0000984: [Bugs] Making a 3D DCP from a 2D one fails
0001011: [Features] Check DKDM for validity as soon as it's loaded, not when we try to use it
0001012: [Features] Arrange DKDMs in folders in the UI
0001051: [Features] Some way of applying the same subtitle settings to many files
0001039: [Features] Automatic cover sheet creation
0001058: [Features] Allow removal of particular lines in a subtitle file
0000624: [Features] Wizard mode
0000664: [Features] Default "scale to" in preferences
0000970: [Bugs] Various scroll bar problems with audio matrix view
0000478: [General] Sending KDM via email zip-file has strange name (carl)
0001035: [Bugs] Better error when trying to add a KDM with "add file..."
0001054: [Features] Change color/warning levels for audio levels (carl)
0001063: [Bugs] Unknown WAV markers cause noise in WAV files (carl)
0001000: [Bugs] Wrong decryption KDM applied results in crash
0000916: [Bugs] Nudge buttons not working (carl)
0000136: [Features] Sound in the preview (carl)
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