Scheduled For Release 2017-03-01
0000981: [Bugs] Merge better-seek branch (carl)
0001048: [Features] Annotationtext tag of assetmap should contain filmtitle (carl)
0000975: [Features] VF KDMs should probably include the keys for the OV (carl)
0001045: [Bugs] KDM creator crashes when emailing KDMs (carl)
0000961: [Features] Allow changing of job order in the batch converter (carl)
0000927: [Features] Please att estimated wall clock time for encode completion (carl)
0000986: [Features] 1/2 or 1/4 or whatever J2K decode when it's possible in the player (carl)
0001033: [Bugs] Content -> RightClick->Properties crashes DOM 2.10.4 (carl)
0001008: [Bugs] Warn about overwriting files when creating KDMs (carl)
0001013: [Features] Configure default folder to write KDMs to in settings (carl)
0001021: [Bugs] Failure to write reels in some cases (carl)
0001010: [Features] Allow multi-edit of timing (carl)
0001007: [Bugs] Need to enforce unique screen names (carl)
0000992: [Bugs] Bump ffmpeg (carl)
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