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0001198DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-02-21 23:33
ReportercarlAssigned Tocarl 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
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Target Version2.12.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001198: Crash on opening OV after VF in player
DescriptionI also tried to play a VF, so first loaded the VF, then tried to open the OV, but then the player crashes everytime.
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2018-02-09 20:06

reporter   ~0002115

After opening the OV, first appears the loading bar then crash with attached error

domcrash.PNG (7,289 bytes)
domcrash.PNG (7,289 bytes)


2018-02-10 21:45

administrator   ~0002128

Are you doing File->Open and then choosing the VF, then File->Open and choosing the OV?


2018-02-10 23:39

manager   ~0002130

No problem here in 2.11.52 - load VF, status display says 'Needs OV'. Load OV - plays fine. This is with video referenced from OV, and audio in the VF (created with 2.11.52 as well).

- Carsten


2018-02-12 20:54

administrator   ~0002139

Are these DCPs too big to send over?


2018-02-18 22:33

administrator   ~0002191

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Similar thing seen by Dan Cohen in 2.11.58.


2018-02-18 22:48

administrator   ~0002192

Can't reproduce with Markus's Alice example on Windows 10 VM, nor on Linux.


2018-02-19 11:08

manager   ~0002196

Do we know wether these problematic VF/OV combos have been created with DCP-o-matic, or other software? We do get the occasional unencrypted DCP, but quite typically, not as VFs unfortunately.

- Carsten


2018-02-19 21:24

reporter   ~0002200

Hi Carl, no it wasnt that DCP. I dont have it anymore, as I ingest it all on a Doremi and then delete it on my PC. As the Doremi always creates full OVs, I cant reproduce it.

only thing different was that the OV already had Subtitles and the VF only had a different Audio track, maybe that's the issue (that the subtitles are in the OV and not the VF) ?


2018-02-20 02:05

manager   ~0002201

Hmm, weird, in testing other things I just created a whole bunch of VFs with different components, trims, etc. Not a single issue with them in the player.

- Carsten


2018-02-21 23:33

administrator   ~0002202

6d3eb30d12b4d3e6303c0c54bd1e7fab9df95fcc may help.

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