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0000976DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2016-10-24 21:21
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Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
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Target Version2.11.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000976: Various 3D problems
Description3d-alternate with a randomly-selected mp4 file seems to give -114 and do things pretty much wrong; possibly fixed by

diff --git a/src/lib/ b/src/lib/
index 398c9c6..8d96b4a 100644
--- a/src/lib/
+++ b/src/lib/
@@ -263,15 +264,17 @@ VideoDecoder::give (shared_ptr<const ImageProxy> image, Frame frame)
         to_push.push_back (ContentVideo (image, VideoFrame (frame, EYES_BOTH), PART_WHOLE));
     case VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE_3D:
- /* We receive the same frame index twice for 3D-alternate; hence we know which
+ /* We receive the same frame index twice for 3D; hence we know which
            frame this one is.
         bool const same = (!_decoded.empty() && frame == _decoded.back().frame.index());
         to_push.push_back (ContentVideo (image, VideoFrame (frame, same ? EYES_RIGHT : EYES_LEFT), PART_WHOLE));
+ to_push.push_back (ContentVideo (image, VideoFrame (frame / 2, (frame % 2) ? EYES_RIGHT : EYES_LEFT), PART_WHOLE));
+ break;
         to_push.push_back (ContentVideo (image, VideoFrame (frame, EYES_LEFT), PART_LEFT_HALF));
         to_push.push_back (ContentVideo (image, VideoFrame (frame, EYES_RIGHT), PART_RIGHT_HALF));

Also reports of -114 with 3d-left-right.
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2016-10-19 22:53

administrator   ~0001478

3d-alternate should be fixed by 8c2d83b42b14b52310fdd8b7709d961e4e48aac5


2016-10-24 21:20

administrator   ~0001481

3D alternate is better now but I think in this mode the content should report half the frame rate, which *may* remove the need for the substance of cda282e5b21e52c022f52c8ba591d478fe8c21e8

Such stuff is quite niche but probably quite invasive so best left until after 2.10.0.

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