Test version

This version has some new bits in it, but hasn't been as carefully tested as a ‘proper’ release. Take care: if you absolutely need reliability, avoid this version!

If you have any successes or failures with the test, please get in touch. Thanks!

Test release: 2.10.9

Released on 14th February 2017. Look at the list of changes.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 1032-bit 64-bit
Windows XP32-bit 64-bit
Mac OS XDCP-o-matic .dmg
Encode Server .dmg
KDM Creator .dmg
Batch Converter .dmg
Ubuntu 12.0432-bit 64-bit
Ubuntu 14.0432-bit 64-bit
Ubuntu 16.0432-bit 64-bit
Ubuntu 16.1032-bit 64-bit
Debian 7 (wheezy)32-bit 64-bit
Debian 8 (jessie)32-bit 64-bit
Debian unstable (sid)32-bit 64-bit
Fedora 2332-bit 64-bit
Fedora 2432-bit 64-bit
Fedora 2532-bit 64-bit
Centos 532-bit 64-bit
Centos 6.532-bit 64-bit
Centos 764-bit
Source code.tar.bz2