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Re: subtitle problems

Post by Herbert »

I have no clue why but the problem disappeared.
While preparing Chinese subtitles I had the same rubbish like in my post,
numbers and letters in squares.
But in the "Preview" window, the text is perfect.
While playing around with the appereance and selection of fonts
I also recognised that DCP-O-Matic seems to rely on TTF Fonts.
Macs can use TTF as well they rely on otf
I customized the chinese subtitles using the free "NOTO" font
family which made them display correctly.
After doing an OV (Original Version) without subs,
I did an FV(Or VF? I allways mix it up) , for each language, using the OV.
The .srt file was added as open subtitle.

The problem of displaying rubbish in Chines had disappeared, thought the NOTO font family was not selected yet.
First I thought the problem was related if Video/Audio are taken from an DCP or freshly encoded.
But also using a ProRes gives no problem displaying the fonts...
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Re: subtitle problems

Post by carl »

Hi Herbert,

That's interesting; it does seem to be a font problem. The current test version allows .ttc files to be used for fonts on mac (not just TTF), which helps for me. You might like to give that a try?

It is strange that using NOTO once fixed the subtitle rendering forever. It could be something strange going on with a cache of available fonts somewhere... :?
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Re: subtitle problems

Post by Kewl »

If I had been confronted with this problem, I would have tried Subtitle Edit to prepare the subtitles either as a text file or graphics file before importing them in DCP-o-matic.
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