Setup Recommendations for Surround (5.1) Testing

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Setup Recommendations for Surround (5.1) Testing

Post by Anton »

Hello there.

We have a Trashcan Mac and a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Monitor with 16 Channels of Audio connected via SDI to a Blackmagic MiniConverter SDI to Audio and 4 physical Audio Jacks.

Does anyone have a recommendation for how I can monitor the 5.1 sound based on this hardware or if so with other hardware that we could buy?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Setup Recommendations for Surround (5.1) Testing

Post by Carsten »

I use a home cinema receiver. Marantz. That's a compact unit serving up to 7.1 speaker systems.

There are, of course, other options. You could use 5/7 active studio monitors + a subwoofer if necessary. Or just get a few stereo or quad PA amps and speakers.

The benefit of the AV receiver is that it also allows some eq, delay, AND has an actual physical master volume controller.

- Carsten
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