DCP-O-MATIC 1.33 32bit

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DCP-O-MATIC 1.33 32bit

Post by Atreyu »

the current 32bit version of dcp-o-matic does not work on Windows XP :( O/S will display only information about missing file wxmsw294u_richtext_gcc_custom.dll

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Re: DCP-O-MATIC 1.33 32bit

Post by georgesasmar »

on Ubuntu 12.10 didn't work also

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Re: DCP-O-MATIC 1.33 32bit

Post by carl »

Thanks for checking it out; a fixed Windows version is forthcoming shortly... what problem do you have on Ubuntu? Can you try starting it from the terminal (just type dcpomatic at a prompt) and seeing if you get any error messages?

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