Scheduled For Release 2018-03-21
0001409: [Bugs] Interop subtitles rendered incorrectly
0001377: [Bugs] ReelWriter error with VF creation
0001372: [Bugs] No images can be loaded on Mageia 6
0001364: [Bugs] Preview not reflecting configured fonts
0001298: [Bugs] Making a VF using a subtitle file (slightly) longer than the video does not work
0001282: [Bugs] XML parser does not ignore comments inside node content
0001269: [Bugs] RtApiDs::startstream error (Directsound unknown error) starting output buffer
0001266: [Bugs] Need to cope with sound cards that can't do 48kHz
0001262: [Bugs] No menu entry for DCP-o-matic on Mageia
0001256: [Bugs] DCP-referencing tooltip hint does not appear
0001246: [Bugs] Burnt-in bitmapped subs always wrong with DOM (please bring back the 1920x1080 container!)
0001277: [Bugs] Can't open a project that's stored in a OneDrive folder
0001261: [Clean-up] file selector dialogs in localized OS X are english, even when system language is set different (carl)
0001311: [Bugs] Creating 24/25 fps DCP from 50fps source seems to create slow motion, not a dropped frame version? (carl)
0001252: [Bugs] DCP-o-matic update server unreachable (carl)
0001253: [Bugs] Assertion failure at (carl)
0001260: [Bugs] Catch 'no output filename specified' condition during export (carl)
0001264: [Bugs] Shuffler assertion failure with separate L/R content (carl)
0001265: [Bugs] No app start possible when no audio interface is installed on system (carl)
0001270: [Bugs] No desktop file for the player in Linux (carl)
0001271: [Bugs] Subtitles do not always play with certain content in dcp-o-matic (carl)
0001275: [Bugs] Trimming XML subs from the end seems to cause crash in DCP-o-matic (carl)
0001281: [Bugs] No full audio downmix for multichannel audio (carl)
0001289: [Bugs] Subtitle timecodes can go 1 out of range in some rare cases (carl)
0001290: [Bugs] changes to subtitle (burn in) parameters do not seem to trigger re-compression/recreation of content (carl)
0001293: [Bugs] SMPTE subs do not play on Alchemy and IMS2000 (carl)
0001300: [Bugs] Ampersand stops subtitle rendering from working (carl)
0001301: [Bugs] Subtitle timing is wrong if there are multiple reels with no subtitles in a VF (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-12-01
0001426: [Bugs] Strange colours on particular PNG import on Linux (and maybe crash on windows?)
0001422: [Features] Set the validity period of DCP-o-matic's certificates to start before "now" on creation
0001415: [Bugs] No menu after F11-ing out of full screen in player
0001414: [Bugs] Player: going to frame by typing the number in only works once
0001413: [Bugs] Cropping slow with some files
0001400: [Features] UI for encrypting MP4s and making "KDMs" for them
0001408: [Bugs] Player UI changes
0001407: [Features] Playlist creation UI
0001399: [Bugs] Player is slow to start with large DCP folder
0001351: [Features] Option to select destination on make DCP
0001345: [Bugs] Don't write fonts to CCAP folders / MXFs
0001273: [Bugs] Possible to create interop subs with two <LoadFont> tags
0001340: [Bugs] Every reel must have a sub reel
0001343: [Bugs] CCAP window should be opened with the right aspect ratio
0001330: [Features] Spot repeated content and use repeatedly-referenced reels
0001323: [Features] Option to re-write a DCP's XML files without changing its MXFs
0001322: [Bugs] DoM picks "light" style rather than the "normal" one if there are multiple styles on the machine
0001325: [Bugs] Odd height reported by mediainfo for 4K MXFs
0001307: [Features] Dark theme
0001315: [Bugs] Incorrect disabling of DCP panel controls when adding DCPs
0001306: [Bugs] DoM hangs when trying to load projects (with missing files? maybe?)
0001303: [Bugs] Layout changes to improve look on very high res displays (e.g. 5K)
0001251: [Bugs] Subtitles are too small in preview
0001302: [Features] Allow cropping without changing aspect ratio
0001321: [Bugs] Poor-quality rendering of burnt/previewed subtitle fonts (carl)
0001258: [Features] Expandable content windows to avoid scrolling with lots of content (carl)
0001391: [Bugs] When "make VF" is selected, export results in black file with subtitles only
0001103: [Features] Export options
0001268: [Bugs] Crash on reencoding DCP in main DoM when it is open in the player.
0001220: [Features] Support drag and drop of DCPs onto the player
0001106: [Features] [libsub] support \pos and \fs in ssa format
0001310: [Bugs] Don't make KDMs that have validity ranges longer than their signers / targets (if that's possible)
0001358: [Features] Batch export (i.e. any job in the batch converter, not just make dcp)
0001359: [Features] Configurable Z position of subtitles in 3D
0001355: [Bugs] Can't make VF with video from one DCP and audio from another
0000887: [Features] Allow removal of video and audio from a FFmpeg file to leave just subtitles
0001375: [Bugs] Colour accuracy in the player probably isn't great
0001380: [Features] Could check MXF hashes from info file as the CPL/PKL hashes are being calculated
0001381: [Features] Hash/checksum data transferred over the network for encoding servers
0001376: [Features] Allow import of PNG subs from XML+PNG files
0001363: [Documentation] Manual updates; export and perhaps other stuff
0001368: [Features] Drop downs for language options
0001382: [Features] verzoek om AES r128
0001233: [Features] Some way of seeing the bounding box of all subs in a piece of content
0000907: [Documentation] Add screencast for making a few VFs of different subtitle languages with a common OV
0000448: [Features] Skip entire fake write pass if we have all video data
0001425: [Bugs] Video Waveformmonitor displays content twice side-by-side (carl)
0001348: [Features] Add some verbosity to the players DCP integrity check (carl)
0001393: [Bugs] Color options 'missing' for bitmap subs? (carl)
0001367: [Bugs] Subtitle outline width setting glitch
0001257: [Bugs] Changing audio matrix with the analysis window open makes it say "could not analyse audio" (carl)
0000970: [Bugs] Various scroll bar problems with audio matrix view
0001180: [Clean-up] Cmd-W should only close the current file (carl)
0001428: [Bugs] Content -> Properties in 2.13.82 shows only sparse details (carl)
0001419: [Bugs] Player 2.13.72 shows programming error ofter opening DCP (carl)
0001420: [Clean-up] Streamline reduced GUI functions (carl)
0001412: [Packaging] When updating Windows versions prior to 2.11.x, desktop icons are not updated to the new design (carl)
0001403: [Bugs] No way to get the player out of full screen mode when only one monitor is connected (carl)
0001291: [Bugs] Disable ClearType subpixel font smoothing in WIN7/8/10 versions (carl)
0001328: [Bugs] Error when trying to make DCP from Quicktime + DCP where trim set on both (carl)
0001297: [Features] When playing without audio in standalone player, indicate 'fps' instead of 'skipped frames'. (carl)
0001287: [Bugs] 3D DCP creation seems to be broken (carl)
0001280: [Features] Enhance smart file handling on content import, especially for audio/reels (carl)
0001201: [Features] Enable more simple keyboard options (carl)
0001259: [Features] Allow easy and precise cropping of letter boxing (carl)
0001249: [Features] DCP-o-matic main app checks for target drive free space vs. projected DCP size - batch converter doesn't (carl)
0001245: [Features] Add packaging tool to 'Tools' or 'Jobs' menu to allow the combination of multiple CPLs into a single distribution package (carl)
0001236: [Clean-up] 'Show List' of subtitles when used with VOB subs (full length feature) creates endless spinning ball cursor (carl)
0001189: [Features] Add some option to perform audio analysis / EBU R128 analysis arbitrarily (carl)
0001231: [Features] Show the actual color conversion (XYZ converted back to sRGB) in preview window (carl)
0000832: [Features] Add new color conversions (carl)
0001424: [Bugs] Audio not working (carl)
0001402: [Compatibility] Add CR/LF to config files (carl)
0001416: [Bugs] Change scaling size does not update (carl)
0001421: [Bugs] crop settings not immediately visible in preview window (carl)
0001312: [Bugs] Add 'Open DCP in player' to 'Jobs' menu (carl)
0001404: [Features] Lock file checker (carl)
0001405: [Bugs] Check authorised devices code (carl)
0001406: [Bugs] Remove desktop/start menu links in deb for non-installed tools (carl)
0001398: [Bugs] Wallpaper on stop isn't working (carl)
0001172: [Features] Do we know what happens when we export 3D content to ProRes or MP4? (carl)
0001332: [Features] Export 3D DCPS to separate L/R files (carl)
0001385: [Documentation] Reference "5.2 Decrypting encrypted DCPs" in Chapter 9 of the manual (carl)
0001357: [Clean-up] CPL selection in player is by UUID, in DCP-o-matic main by composition name (carl)
0001397: [Bugs] White bars at top and bottom with scope in player (carl)
0000982: [Features] Give indication of encoding server version mismatches (carl)
0001082: [Features] add timescale to audio level view (carl)
0001176: [Bugs] Encoding server list does not update if any server is getting down (carl)
0001187: [Clean-up] runtime_error strings in Film::make_dcp should be capitalised to look better in error dialogues. (carl)
0001211: [Features] set initial position of bitmap subtitles into the active area (carl)
0001239: [Features] Select CPL in player (carl)
0001250: [Bugs] Changing audio matrix settings during audio analyse corrupts analysis (carl)
0001254: [Features] Only report new updates when their platform specific build is actually ready for download ;-) (carl)
0001263: [Bugs] arrow keys can't be used anymore for editing text fields (carl)
0001274: [Bugs] Preview in dcp-o-matic is wrong with cropping applied, makes visual cropping impossible (carl)
0001279: [Features] Make Timeline View scrollable to accomodate more audio channels + subtitles, and add more labels (carl)
0001284: [Features] Feature request: command line option to provide path to config.xml (carl)
0001285: [Bugs] Export is slow, was faster (carl)
0001286: [Features] Add 'finish' notifications for long processes (carl)
0001288: [Features] rename h.264 to 'mp4/h.264' for exports (carl)
0001294: [Features] Allow to cancel DCP Verification in player (carl)
0001296: [Bugs] Right-Click -> Properties on common video file types (MOV, MP4, etc.) causes a crash in DCP-o-matic 2.13.19 (carl)
0001314: [Bugs] seconds_to_approximate_hms can say 1h60m remaining (carl)
0001316: [Bugs] FFmpeg files with bitmapped subtitles don't force burn-in (carl)
0001317: [Bugs] Creation of long still-image DCPs hangs at the end (carl)
0001318: [Bugs] Comma in srt subtitle text terminates the subtitle (carl)
0001319: [Features] Export button for cinemas.xml (carl)
0001320: [Features] Zoom in timeline (carl)
0001326: [Features] On rejecting a KDM check its recipient against DoM's chain to give hints about what might be wrong (carl)
0001333: [Bugs] latency on text-fields and checkboxes in Preferences (carl)
0000725: [Features] CCAP (carl)
0001085: [Bugs] 2.11.10 preview mode: clicking the scrub button (carl)
0001146: [Features] Export multiple reels to separate files (carl)
0001200: [Features] When subtitle list is open, moving in the list/selecting subtitle lines, cue to that sub in preview (carl)
0001238: [Features] add dcp file validation (verify hashes) and file completeness (carl)
0001248: [Features] Implement "Pause" button for batch converter (carl)
0001272: [Bugs] No detection of source files changing if they have the same name and location (carl)
0001278: [Bugs] Should probably inhibit all project changes during audio analysis (carl)
0001313: [Bugs] Image files with greater than 8 bits per channel are always compressed down to 8-bits-per-channel (carl)
0001327: [Bugs] Position not updated when change trim on previous content (carl)
0001329: [Features] Full-screen mode for player (carl)
0001335: [Bugs] Trims can be off frame boundaries if the content's video rate is forced to a new value (carl)
0001339: [Features] Add CCAP display to standalone player (carl)
0001342: [Bugs] project files including captions, once saved with 2.13.38, can not be reloaded into the same version (carl)
0001344: [Features] Multiple CCAPs in one DCP (carl)
0001346: [Bugs] Out times of CCAPs don't match subs when the same source file is used (carl)
0001347: [Bugs] All sorts of bad things happen when moving content during play (carl)
0001354: [Bugs] Hang on make DCP on Windows (carl)
0001365: [Bugs] Layout of "simple mode" "fuill mode" radios in setup dialog is bad on Windows (carl)
0001366: [i18n] No bug, but request for clarification - i18n between stable and test releases (carl)
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