Scheduled For Release 2020-03-08
0001727: [Bugs] DoM should never make assets shorter than 1s long
0001723: [Clean-up] Better error when opening a DCP with File -> Open (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-05-01
0001798: [Bugs] Look at SMPTE Bv2.1 application profile
0001778: [Features] Explore use of fastvideo SDK
0001776: [Features] GUI to export DCP-o-matic's configuration file
0001796: [Bugs] Writer window opens too narrow to see all the controls
0001795: [Bugs] "Write to..." radios are too close together on Windows
0001794: [Bugs] Text should be centrally-aligned in screen search on Windows
0001791: [Web site] Some way of donating an arbitrary amount from the 20-successful-encodes nag
0001788: [Bugs] Audio analysis sits at 0% forever
0001783: [Packaging] Cleanup asdcplib branch, rebase and make proper fork
0001782: [Clean-up] Tweak Timeline View tool icon appearance
0001775: [Bugs] Strange sync problems with subtitle-edit-made XML at unusual frame rates
0001770: [Bugs] Three bugs with a project containing content forced to 23.976
0001768: [Bugs] Width misreported by mediainfo in some cases
0001767: [Bugs] Error with particular mp4
0001759: [Bugs] Somehow remove the need to do FIle->New
0001758: [Bugs] Crop during playback is very slow
0001756: [Features] Allow writing of multiple DCPs to one drive with writer
0001755: [Bugs] boost::filesystem::file_size: The system cannot find the path specified
0001753: [Bugs] Should warn/stop on trying to make a KDM targeted at an old certificate
0001733: [Packaging] Add screenshot to deb/rpm package
0001750: [Features] Add GUI tests with cucumber
0001711: [Bugs] Use a different key than F11 for full screen on macOS
0001734: [Packaging] snap package
0001737: [Bugs] Various subtitle language confusions
0001539: [Features] Add hint if some "minimum" set of language tags (maybe audio/subs) are not set
0001699: [Bugs] Certficate download dialogue needs to be wider on macOS
0001589: [Bugs] Check that Language tag is specified if there are is more than one closed sub/caption in a project
0001603: [Bugs] Better progress messages when encoding/transcoding/rewrapping/reusing
0001580: [Features] Make SMPTE wrapping the default/installation standard with 2.16
0001629: [Bugs] 5.1 -> stereo downmix levels wrong for centre?
0001575: [Features] Store main window size and position for next start
0001588: [Bugs] DCP overwrite is not checked by the batch converter
0001605: [Bugs] Start computing 'fps' during conversion based on trimmed time, not full content length
0001595: [Bugs] Using different font files per file gives unpredictable results
0001587: [Bugs] Can't change vertical size of content panel on first launch
0001586: [Bugs] Programming error at .../src/lib/ with AAC input
0001582: [Bugs] Crash (after a while) on playing back DCPs with PNG subs
0001571: [Bugs] Report content errors as such
0001564: [Bugs] Simple GUI does not allow to specify CPL/subtitle language for ISDCF name
0001546: [Features] Option to set playback size to a multiple of the original
0001552: [Bugs] Encode server window scrolls back up to the top constantly
0001476: [Bugs] GetVersionEx does strange things after Windows 8
0001515: [Bugs] ISDCF name does not include CCAP details
0001635: [Features] Provide static headless server binary (carl)
0001518: [Features] Add 'a' keypress to enable/disable audio during playback in player and DCP-o-matic preview (carl)
0001475: [Bugs] Slow import of WAVs (carl)
0001797: [Clean-up] Separate KDM CLI parser and test it
0001765: [Features] OOBE / hints / help on first run
0001774: [Features] Some way to copy multiple DCPs to a drive, without reformatting each time
0000400: [Features] Copy to external distribution drive (carl)
       0001731: [Clean-up] Improve layout of conversational dialogues in _disk (carl)
       0001744: [Bugs] Unmount fails on Linux when a drive's name has spaces (carl)
       0001743: [Bugs] Improve progress estimation in disk (carl)
       0001738: [Packaging] Installing the macOS package does not kill an existing _writer process (carl)
       0001730: [Packaging] Need to build lwext4 static on Linux or rename the .so (carl)
       0001742: [Bugs] Does disk fail with Paragon installed?
       0001746: [Bugs] Progress reporting for disk writes on Linux is bad
       0001745: [Bugs] disk testing
       0001741: [Bugs] Test macOS with a mounted USB stick, trying to write to a second stick
       0001740: [Features] Some uninstaller needed for macOS package
0000448: [Features] Skip entire fake write pass if we have all video data
0001626: [Features] Auto line-wrapping of long subtitles (carl)
0001583: [Features] Limit CCAP file size to according to restrictions of hardware
0001608: [Features] Option to add black frames to tail of DCP (carl)
0001382: [Features] Support adjustment of audio to fit R128
0001732: [Documentation] Work out exactly what the text tab "language" control is for
0001538: [Features] Language entry in audio tab
0001380: [Features] Could check MXF hashes from info file as the CPL/PKL hashes are being calculated
0001471: [Features] Clear indication of JPEG2000 passthrough/reprocessing
0001484: [Features] Allow multiple drag of content position in the timeline
0000782: [Features] CPL metadata
0001600: [Features] Show the actual default font name (LiberationSans) right from the start
0001497: [Features] When creating (D)KDMs, offer the correct KDM formulation type (e.g. MT1, DCI any...) based on the currently selected CPL
0001509: [Features] Allow specification of video levels in inputs (carl)
0001614: [Features] Make subtitling adhere to CST-RT-028-P-2016-V1.0 by default
0001485: [Bugs] Timeline dragging is slow
0001537: [Clean-up] Move subtitle stream selection away from language tags
0001483: [Bugs] Shouldn't recursively search DCP directories for DCPs unless the root contains ASSETMAP{,.xml}
0001413: [Bugs] Cropping slow with some files
0001771: [Bugs] Audio artefacts at ends of audio files
0001550: [Bugs] Keys tab in player prefs on OS X would be nice with some padding at the bottom (carl)
0001652: [Features] J2K data rate reporting / checking (carl)
0001640: [Features] Generally fix GL backend
0001472: [Bugs] Sudden video freezes in DCP-o-matic Player, followed by crash (carl)
0001280: [Features] Enhance smart file handling on content import, especially for audio/reels (carl)
0001790: [Bugs] A/V sync drifts with DVD-ripped input (carl)
0001757: [Bugs] Writing to disk very slow on Windows (carl)
0001792: [Features] Option to export multi-channel audio with separate streams (carl)
0001787: [Bugs] Intermittent crash when tearing down unit test (carl)
0001779: [Features] Better / monochrome preferences icon set for macOS (carl)
0001784: [Bugs] Fix -Wsign-compare bugs that mingw's compiler emits (carl)
0001785: [Clean-up] Use thread_group (carl)
0001780: [Documentation] Use vector screenshots for manual (carl)
0001777: [Bugs] Channel 14 sync-track not created (carl)
0001773: [Features] Check what happens when DoM re-wraps an obviously-broken MXF (carl)
0001772: [Bugs] Unexpected seeks when changing settings with OpenGL backend (carl)
0001748: [Clean-up] Consider moving video filter controls into the advanced dialog (carl)
0001769: [Bugs] Zoom in to the timeline and scroll; main part overlaps labels (carl)
0001766: [Bugs] Loads of errors when verifying an Interop DCP on Windows (carl)
0001749: [Bugs] Various GTK3 bugs (carl)
0001764: [Clean-up] Make borders in prefs pages more consistent (carl)
0001763: [Bugs] In the Metadata dialogue it's not clear what is the label ("ratings") and what the table ("agency"/"label"). (carl)
0001762: [Bugs] If you widen the DCP metadata dialogue the "agency" column gets really wide but the "label" column stays thin (carl)
0001761: [Bugs] Need vertical space between content list buttons (maybe only on GTK3?) (carl)
0001760: [Clean-up] Remove/hide some things (carl)
0001751: [Bugs] Importing Sintel hints you to not use a scope container (carl)
0000887: [Features] Allow removal of video and audio from a FFmpeg file to leave just subtitles (carl)
0001355: [Bugs] Can't make VF with video from one DCP and audio from another (carl)
0001725: [Bugs] Bug in template handling in 2.15.42 and 2.15.46 (carl)
0001728: [Bugs] DKDM creation is broken in 2.15.x (carl)
0001161: [Features] Give nicer error on supplying an incorrect KDM (carl)
0001660: [Bugs] Export to reels doesn't export separate files (carl)
0001639: [Features] More comprehensive validation (carl)
0001507: [Features] When clicking into the audio graph, jump to source/timeline preview position of that sample (carl)
0001353: [Features] Custom scale to setting (carl)
0001669: [Features] Revise 'Scale To' options and defaults (carl)
0001592: [Bugs] No playback with KDM (carl)
0001670: [Features] Better (monochrome) icon for the encode server on macOS (carl)
0001735: [Packaging] Bump ffmpeg (carl)
0001637: [Features] Better interface when making DKDMs (carl)
0001736: [Features] When using the Goto Time/Frame number in preview/player, propopulate fields with the current seek position (carl)
0001233: [Features] Some way of seeing the bounding box of all subs in a piece of content (carl)
0001688: [Features] Allow to set current DCP properties from existing DCP (carl)
0001381: [Features] Hash/checksum data transferred over the network for encoding servers (carl)
0001494: [Features] Add reset playhead key in player (carl)
0001543: [Bugs] Sometimes, audio analysis shows an unreasonable percentage until completion (carl)
0001593: [Features] Skip corrupted (undecodable) frames instead of crashing the player (carl)
0001540: [Features] Better error instead of "could not start JPEG2000 encoding" (carl)
0001724: [Bugs] DCP integrity checking in DCP-o-matic player 2.15.42 - 2.15.46 is broken (carl)
0001480: [Clean-up] Move certificate download accounts into to the cert download function (carl)
0001634: [Features] Try separate thread for OpenGL renderer (carl)
0001530: [Clean-up] Tweak advanced cert chain dialogue layout (carl)
0001482: [Features] Matrix for configuring playback audio channel mappings (carl)
0001533: [Bugs] Check compatibility with extFS; many reports of strange things happening (carl)
0001549: [Bugs] Can't configure player log levels in player (carl)
0001310: [Bugs] Don't make KDMs that have validity ranges longer than their signers / targets (if that's possible) (carl)
0001422: [Features] Set the validity period of DCP-o-matic's certificates to start before "now" on creation (carl)
0001234: [Clean-up] protecting the -1 frame button from total rewind (carl)
0001659: [Bugs] If there are separate L and R video files at the same position the L should come first in the content list (carl)
0001430: [Features] Order parallel audio tracks in timeline view by DCP channel order (carl)
0001584: [Features] Export file naming (carl)
0001645: [Bugs] Reel / refer controls get stuck (carl)
0001638: [Bugs] Stop pointless re-writing of complete video assets (carl)
0001630: [Bugs] Upmixers should be hidden behind a config option (carl)
0001576: [Features] Expose option to set forensic marking for only some audio channels (carl)
0001498: [Features] Advanced options in KDM creation for watermarking needs an audio channel selection, and flipped default checkboxes (carl)
0001513: [Clean-up] When creating ISDCF name, parse the film name only until the first underscore (carl)
0001590: [Bugs] Selecting in the audio matrix is really slow (carl)
0001581: [Bugs] Burnt-in subtitles sometimes missing from DCP
0001569: [Features] Try to give warning if running the 32-bit build on 64-bit windows (carl)
0001304: [Features] SMPTE FFMC (carl)
0001563: [Features] Show current playhead position in timeline view (carl)
0001570: [Bugs] Crash in interrupt_encoder_test (carl)
0001544: [Bugs] 2nd load on Windows says config had to be recreated (carl)
0001431: [Features] Investigate opengl canvas for rendering preview/player. (carl)
0001470: [Bugs] Assorted 3D problems (including subtitle placement) (carl)
0001500: [Features] Add export/save option for KDM creator, so to save individual file based (D)KDMs from Creators list (config.xml) (carl)
0001519: [Bugs] Removing leaf cert from signing chain dialogue does not pop up any warning. (carl)
0001520: [Features] Check consistency of signer and decryption chains on startup (carl)
0001517: [Bugs] investigate 4k DCP playback in player and DCP-o-matic main. (carl)
0001460: [Features] QUBE certificate download (carl)
0001459: [Bugs] Can locked_sstream go? (carl)
0001189: [Features] Add some option to perform audio analysis / EBU R128 analysis arbitrarily (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-06-06
0001628: [Bugs] Analyze audio always freezes
0001692: [Bugs] Crash when loading a project from a different Windows drive letter
0001664: [Features] Check that J2K frames are not too large
0001646: [Bugs] Audio is 0.5s late in player
0001647: [Bugs] Progress reporting incorrect with large trims
0001553: [Bugs] Audio a few seconds out of sync on OSX with USB audio interface
0001632: [Bugs] DCP-o-matic GUI allows to reference a VF for a VF - that should be precluded
0001625: [Bugs] Subtitle shadow rendering looks weird
0001624: [Bugs] PE:
0001578: [Bugs] Audio channel map layout goes wrong when scrolled right
0001562: [Features] Better error on trying to load a .der-format certificate
0001559: [Bugs] Can't make audio map visible on 1024x768 resolution
0001556: [Bugs] White line at the bottom of full-screen playback display
0001548: [Bugs] File chooser for player debug log file does not allow you to specify a new file
0001682: [Features] To show decoded certificate information for ingested PEM files in screen database
0001627: [Bugs] Crash on replacing some content file
0001657: [Bugs] KDM dialog tweaks
0001781: [Bugs] Unexpected reset of start position (carl)
0001786: [Bugs] Crash when exporting 7.1 project to MP4 (carl)
0001663: [Bugs] Exported to Prores makes videos reported as 24,01 FPS (carl)
0001680: [Bugs] Crash on exporting 3D DCP (carl)
0001642: [Bugs] Strange behaviour with fades and very low frame rates (carl)
0001561: [Bugs] MXF PNG subtitle writing fails if there are many subs (carl)
0001565: [Bugs] -114 failure when making a 3D DCP with 2D content marked as 3D (carl)
0001557: [Bugs] Channel group names overlap in the mapping view (carl)
0001551: [Bugs] Butler full with no video when using yadif (carl)
0001545: [Bugs] Player chokes on DCPs using PNG subs (carl)
0001547: [Bugs] Possible to unset the video frame rate on, e.g. DCPContent, which causes crashes at the end of encoding. (carl)
0001523: [Bugs] Set default/install data rate to 150MBit/s (carl)
0001510: [Clean-up] Issue Warning/request confirm before deleting a DKDM in KDM Creator (carl)
0001506: [Bugs] Starting player in fullscreen mode (single monitor) and pressing 'play' (SPACE) crashes the player (carl)
0001496: [Clean-up] Sort list of created CPLs in KDM windows/DKDM window, so that the latest created CPL is the active one (carl)
0001495: [Bugs] Failure to make VF when trimming a multi-reel OV (carl)
0001491: [i18n] Line 127 in src/wx/ needs to be marked as translatable (carl)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-07-01
0001789: [Features] Advanced option to allow 96kHz audio
0001225: [Bugs] Player colour difference wrt Easy DCP
0001602: [Features] Support H.264/VP9 sign language video tracks
0001375: [Bugs] Colour accuracy in the player probably isn't great
0001609: [Bugs] Display on Linux HiDPI is broken (carl)
0001220: [Features] Support drag and drop of DCPs onto the player
0000832: [Bugs] Fix colour conversions (carl)
0001477: [Features] Introduce Autocrop/Letter/Pillarbox detection (carl)
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