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0001182DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2018-02-08 22:10
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Summary0001182: Allow Interop subtitles in SMPTE DCPs

Apparently standard practice in some areas and can be useful to work around incompatibilities with SMPTE subtitles.

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2018-02-02 23:28

manager   ~0002054



2018-02-02 23:35

administrator   ~0002056

My reaction too... but I'm assured that this is a thing in some markets.


2018-02-02 23:40

manager   ~0002057

How is this then done in practice - wouldn't DCP-o-matic always wrap to MXF in SMPTE mode? Will there be a checkbox somewhere to enable this? Is it meant to have an INTEROP xml and font folder with SMPTE DCPs?

I understand it happens in some markets, but should we really allow this??? I guess we should at least test some servers behavior with these DCPs?

  • Carsten


2018-02-02 23:44

administrator   ~0002059

Not entirely sure of the details yet; I agree that we need to have some firm info on servers which need it and some way of testing on such servers.


2018-02-06 17:29

developer   ~0002076

Big nono from me.
If they want Interop subtitles, use an Interop container.
Servers that crappy will probably play a 25 fps Interop anyways.


2018-02-08 22:10

manager   ~0002089

Yup. Why use SMPTE when full SMPTE doesn't work? Then just use Interop. The ISDCF guys would kill us.

Would like to hear which server this is? Maybe DSS100? That one can play SMPTE DCPs, but the last software was 4.7, and I think it never was enabled to unwrap SMPTE subtitles, or maybe it fails on encrypted SMPTE subtitles. But that one can't play 25 or 30fps anyway, so why SMPTE at all?

  • Carsten

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