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0001199DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-02-12 20:55
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Summary0001199: Audio analysis is slow

mov file; mp4/prores/aac

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2018-02-09 02:47

manager   ~0002095

Can't confirm a general slowliness in 2.11.51, just opened a 50fps 13min MTS with ac3 and the full analysis incl. R128 took about 30s.

However, recently I sometimes see the analysis process indicator begin with negative percentages counting down - like from -450 through -320 through -80, and then from 0 upwards, and only then the progress bar grows up. What is that?

  • Carsten


2018-02-09 20:48

reporter   ~0002116

Tested it again with a .mov file containing a ProRes Video stream and a AAC 2 CH. audio track.
16GB file, Audio Stream 14MB, but take 3 min to analyse.
But this seems to be a FFMPEG issue, as Audacity nearly takes the same amount of time to load the audio.


2018-02-09 23:45

manager   ~0002117

I'll try with AAC as well.

  • Carsten


2018-02-10 01:04

manager   ~0002122

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6min37s MP4 with stereo AAC 44100Hz audio, analysis incl. R128 takes 15s.
Same format, about 1hr runtime, takes about 2min18s

4core HT 2.3GHz

Same performance as in 2.10.5


2018-02-12 20:55

administrator   ~0002141

OK, I'll bump this to 2.13.x and maybe we can investigate more thoroughly there; sounds like there has probably been no regression.

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