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0001261DCP-o-maticClean-uppublic2020-12-16 00:11
ReporterCarsten Assigned Tocarl  
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PlatformMacOSOS X OS Version10.11
Product Version2.12.x 
Target Version2.14.0 
Summary0001261: file selector dialogs in localized OS X are english, even when system language is set different

My OS X system is set to german GUI. When using DCP-o-matic with the german localization, file selector boxes following 'open film', 'export destination file', 'Export Certificate', etc. are displayed in english, not in german as it is the case for other apps or finder - however, their window title is localized from the DCP-o-matic translation files. Just buttons like 'Open', 'Cancel', as well as the finder sidebar folder names, etc. are english as if the OS X was set to english. See screenshot. It's the same behavior for other localized languages.

Maybe this can be fixed through the OS X GUI library.

  • Carsten
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2018-03-29 23:08



2019-01-26 16:14

manager   ~0002955

I guess this is easy and safe to fix through the OS X GUI library?


2019-01-26 20:48

administrator   ~0002964

Do you have de_DE set in DCP-o-matic's config or does it pick that up automatically?


2019-01-26 21:20

manager   ~0002968

Last edited: 2019-01-26 21:23

I always have it set fixed to german. I know that automatic language selection used/uses to cause mixed language GUI elements in DCP-o-matic in OS X, but, as I work on the german translation, I actively switch between english and german in prefs.

This issue is not severe, but it exists for a long time. I just checked on my old plastic mac book, and it already happens in 1.83/10.6.8. Obviously, it doesn't bother many people.

  • Carsten


2019-01-26 21:40

administrator   ~0002969

May be fixed by b2b0b98acc55f556ab995b27289028519b8f4a30 (2.13.110)


2019-01-31 14:41

administrator   ~0003001

@Carsten if you could test 2.13.110 or later that would be cool; seems to work for me.


2019-02-02 16:40

manager   ~0003042

Last edited: 2019-02-02 16:41

Yup - the issue is there in 2.13.109, but solved in 2.13.111.

The few translated sidebar system folder names are still displayed in english (e.g. 'movies'), while the finder shows their german translations ('Filme'). But, really...


  • Carsten

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