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Summary0001340: Every reel must have a sub reel

if any of them do.

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2018-07-22 22:41

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following 'Update to SMPTE standards to reflect the currently used profile.'

hmmm, that says:

'Subtitles and Captions if on one reel, both must be on all reels (new inserts especially a problem)'

  • Carsten


2018-07-26 23:27

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more hmmm:

SMPTE 429-2:2013:

A timed text track is established by the presence of a timed text asset (e.g. MainSubtitle, MainCaption, ClosedSubtitle, or ClosedCaption) in at least one Reel of a Composition. Once a timed text asset appears in one Reel, the established track shall be assumed to exist for the entire Composition, even if related timed text Asset elements are not present in all Reels.


2019-01-10 19:45

administrator   ~0002887

I'm untagging this from 2.14.0 as it seems at best "in development" and at worst contradictory... if anyone has concrete information about what is going on here, I'm all ears!

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