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0001383DCP-o-maticBugspublic2020-12-16 00:15 Assigned Tocarl  
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Platform64-bitOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 12.10
Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0001383: Exporting keys overwrites existing files and does not offer a default name

1) When exporting keys for decrypting KDMs, when I write a name that already exists, the existing file gets overwritten without a promt asking me if I really want to do this. It really should ask, one can select an existing file by mistake.

2) It does not offer a default name, which would be nice. For example, easydcp does this: "easydcpexport_SOME_NUMBER_LICENSE_HOLDER_NAME.cert.sha256.crt"

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2018-10-17 11:28

administrator   ~0002721

Nice idea on the default filenames.

What OS are you running? I get a prompt when I try to export and overwrite on Ubuntu 18.04.

2018-10-17 11:47

reporter   ~0002722

Also 18.04.
So it is more complicated

1) Let's say I have a file certificate.pem
a) I selected "ceritficate.pem" and a promt appears
b) I write "certificate" as a filename and click save -> no promt and it gets overwritten (I think DOM first checks if there is a file named certificate, ten ads extension "pem" and overwrites it, it shold first add extension and then check)

2) If for some reason I want more dots in the filename, the thing that is after the last dot gets overwritten, i.e. I write first.second.third as a filename, a file called "first.second.pem" gets written instead of " first.second.third.pem"


2018-10-17 20:18

administrator   ~0002723

Thanks; should be fixed by 6829a1c1b3c577cdd6bc6d206dd52608b0a976ab in 2.13.62.

2018-10-19 20:29

reporter   ~0002726

Thanks. Though there is now another issue: if I save a file as "certificate" (without extension), it gets saved as such. Now when I save another file as "certificate", it alerts me I already have a file like that, but it does not get shown in the file picker (only .dom files are shown. I think either 1) always add the .pem extension or 2) also allow non .dom files to be shown in the file picker.

a couple of another very minor points:

a.1) For the default name, should not it maybe include the Creator and Issuer fields from Preferences>General?
a.2)Also adding the word "leaf" to the "export KDM decription certificate" might make sense.
a.3)And the advanced submenus do not have default names (at least there the leaf/intermediate/root in the filename would make a lot of sense to me).

b) And regarding that, maybe Creator should be set by default to DCP-o-matic if this is to be trusted: ).

c) Oh, and regarding issuer and creator, maybe the followint line in the manual:
With these controls you can set the issuer and creator strings that will be put into the DCPs which you create.
should read something as:
With these controls you can set the issuer (typically you or your organization) and creator (application used to author the DCP, i.e. DCP-o-matic) strings that will be put into the DCPs which you create.

d)And I also believe that the line in the manual
<DCPIssuer> — Creator text to write into CPL files.
should be
<DCPCreator> — Creator text to write into CPL files.

(I hope you also see comments on closed bugs)

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