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0001392DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-11-01 20:23
Reportertomashnyk@gmail.comAssigned Tocarl 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platform64 bitOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu
Product Version2.12.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001392: Text in notice to backup config is impossible to copy

When trying to make a DKMD, there is a notice to backup the the config tile, as attached. The text should be copyable, so that one can copy the path and use it to actually backup the file. It is good practice in general to make error messages and such copyable so that one can copy them and put them into a search engine.

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2018-10-24 14:31



2018-10-31 22:30

administrator   ~0002750

Looks like the easiest way to "fix" this might be to add a button to copy the path to the clipboard.


2018-11-01 19:49

manager   ~0002751

If we do that in all similar dialogs, the UI becomes quite overloaded with buttons and options, I guess. Why not just the odd system screen-shot? I know, this is not always as usable as copy/paste text, but...

  • Carsten

2018-11-01 20:23

reporter   ~0002752

I think GTK allows for this text to be copyable, I thinkg that would be a much better implementation than adding a button. It has been a while but I think it should be set by some property - Screenshot is fine but unfriendly for search engines (and completely useless for this use case).

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