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0001431DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2019-03-26 01:42
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Summary0001431: Investigate opengl canvas for rendering preview/player.


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2019-01-20 00:59

administrator   ~0002910

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Basically functional in opengl branch.

Other stuff;

  1. can OpenGL do the final scale and colourspace conversion (LUT) rather than the CPU?
  2. does it work on not-Linux?
  3. #if 0 stuff in that branch (mostly swaroop)
  4. vsync?


2019-03-04 01:19

administrator   ~0003116

Works on OSX, not Windows; seems to be because glTexImage2D has limitations on the size (either too big or not a power of 2).


2019-03-04 23:46

administrator   ~0003121

Would be interesting to make GLView take a PlayerVideo (rather than an Image) and do the scaling and compositing using GL.


2019-03-26 01:19

manager   ~0003190

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Is there a chance we get a better player performance for many cores/high resolutions in 2.14? It seems there is a serious bottleneck in the current implementation. I rarely work on high res displays, but it seems there is something weird happening.
I have seen some of the current player logs, but can't read much out of it ('delayed'). I was hoping to get an idea about:

  • how much time it takes to decode a J2K frame
  • how much time it takes to scale it to display resolution
  • how much time it takes for the color conversion
  • how much time it takes to actually draw the image to the screen
    I would think that, except maybe for the final display, all of these operations can run multithreaded per frame.

I somehow suspect the final display writing as the bottleneck (as it appears the issue is somehow correlated to higher res displays), but maybe I am on a completely wrong track here. Maybe there is something going on with a higher number of threads/cores.

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