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0001455DCP-o-maticBugspublic2020-12-16 00:12
Reporterrobn Assigned Tocarl  
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Platformx86_64OSFedoraOS Version29
Summary0001455: English appearing in Dutch UI text

I noticed that the day name in an Dutch UI text was written as "Wednesday" (see attached picture).
DOM was configured to use Dutch and I'd expect day names / dates to switch to Dutch too.

I always have my computer OS configured in English, so DOM probably used
this English locale for the day name. Maybe this behavior is not new, but I haven't
noticed it before.

Tested with DOM 2.13.111

Steps To Reproduce
  • configure English in OS
  • configure Dutch in DOM
  • make a DCP .. :-)
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2019-01-29 23:00


dom_day_name.png (17,549 bytes)   
dom_day_name.png (17,549 bytes)   


2019-01-30 00:42

administrator   ~0002990

Should be fixed in 2.13.112

@carl: 0cbdfdd6c0ef9a1b72070ee741be76332491392a

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