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0001468DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2019-02-22 02:25
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Summary0001468: CPL Question - SMPTE DCP with CCAP 25fps

Hi, i am currently working with the DCP-o-matic test version 2.13.1116.
When I create a 25fps SMPTE DCP with a CCAP file .. DCP-o-matic creates the following lines to the CCAP file in the CPL:

<tt:ClosedCaption xmlns:tt="";>
<AnnotationText>i love dcp o-matic</AnnotationText>
<EditRate>25 1</EditRate>

My question relates to the line language.
I found the following example in the net:

<Language xmlns="">de</Language>

Is that important with a Dolby / Doremi server?
I can not test it unfortunately. I attach a test DCP.
Can someone test this for me?

Best regards ;-)

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2019-02-11 18:02

reporter (3,874,516 bytes)


2019-02-11 22:30

administrator   ~0003076

I don't think that will matter due to the namespace on the parent tag. I don't have access to a CCAP system; I suggest you ask on the forum as there's much more likely to be somebody there who can help with a test.


2019-02-14 18:31

manager   ~0003084

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I don't understand these specifics of XML coding - but, attached is the CPL from the current 'official' EDCF SMPTE Test - you would assume that this CPL is '100% correct' by current industry standard.

Carl - could be worthwile studying this CPL, as it also demonstrates many CPL metadata tags.

  • Carsten

CPL_96f51a78-f798-42de-86bc-c3a6cab7d48a.xml (28,297 bytes)


2019-02-14 19:46

reporter   ~0003085

Thank you Carsten for your answer !! Very helpful! ;-) It's interesting.
The line is given here with "<cc-cpl: Language> de </ cc-cpl: Language>".
As I said ... I can not test the ingest to a dolby or CCAP system. My question is about compatibility.
But I have my request for a test in the forum already expressed.
Thank you for for a test next week. I am interested to see the results. Best regards!


2019-02-15 00:46

manager   ~0003086

And here is the official ISDCF SMPTE Bv2.1 version:

CPL_SMPTE_TST-1-Bv21_S_EN-EN-CCAP_US_71-HI-VI_2K_ISDCF_20170110_DTB_SMPTE_OV.xml (26,003 bytes)


2019-02-21 19:28

reporter   ~0003102

The helpful user "scozz76" has been able to open the DCP on a Doremi Server SW 2.8.20 without problems. That's fine ;-)
Nevertheless, the metadata differs with the official CPL which Carsten has provided us.


2019-02-22 02:25

manager   ~0003103

It is normal to have textual differences between metadata, some of them are simply style decisions. Different textual versions work the same.

  • Carsten

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