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Summary0001504: Scaling option to leave space at the bottom of the frame

to put subtitles (or in this case, a countdown timer) in. e.g. "leave x% of the screen empty and scale the video accordingly"

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2019-03-25 18:47

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Probably too special to spend an extra GUI function for it? I did that when adding wide content (e.g. scope) to a flat or full container, and then shifting subtitles into the letterbox bars. Is this to be used for actual presentations, or export for screeners?

But I often thought wether it could be useful to have 'negative cropping', that way adding black to a non-letterboxed source from any side. It would be an elegant way to allow this, using the existing controls. At one point, it would probably be handy to have a 'scaling/cropping' reset to defaults button.

Maybe adding a bounding box to subs would be a more universal solution, if it could be set to a fixed size as well?

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