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0001527DCP-o-maticBugspublic2020-12-16 00:16
Reportercarl Assigned Tocarl  
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Target Version2.14.0 
Summary0001527: Should not offer to alter line spacing for DCP XML subs

as the line spacing setting is ignored (any other formats which this happens for?)

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2019-04-17 21:15

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2019-04-17 22:59

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I always wondered about the proper way to deal with sub source file and DCP-o-matic global sub appearance settings.

It's clear that there must be a way to keep all original tags contained in XML subs. Some appearance parameters need to be enabled explicitly - so there is a way to either pass through, or global override. I think it would be good to have both options, as a global override could be used to quickly correct a sub source with tags all over the place, or simply bad settings (e.g. correct a bad title safe).

  • Carsten

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