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0001595DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2019-08-26 13:22
ReporterCarsten Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.12
Product Version2.14.x 
Target Version2.16.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001595: Using different font files per file gives unpredictable results

When we use multiple subtitle files in a project (be it per reel or for different languages), DCP-o-matic (correctly) merges and wraps only one into the resulting reel. However, multiple subtitle files may have different font-files associated with them But - which of multiple different font files are used in the final wrapping - the first in the project? Maybe at least issue a warning if different font files are set for timed text. No issue for burn-in, of course.

  • Carsten
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