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0001623DCP-o-maticBugspublic2019-12-19 00:35
Reporteroverlookmotel Assigned Tocarl  
Status acknowledgedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.14
Product Version2.14.8 
Summary0001623: Crash at end of encoding

I am making a DCP from:

  • ProRes HQ 1920x1080, 23.98fps, 8 audio channels
  • Audio WAV file 48k pcm_s24le, 6 audio channels

All the audio channels on the ProRes are disabled, and I'm using the audio from the WAV file instead.

At the very end of encode, DCP-o-matic crashes. This is using the command line dcpomatic2_cli.

Last lines written to stdout are:

Checking content for changes: OK (ran for 0:00:00)           
Transcoding MyFilm_SHR_F-133_EN-XX_51_2K_20191007_IOP_OV; Computing digests: 84%; 1m 25s remaining; finishing at 13:52       
Checking content for changes: OK (ran for 0:00:00)           
Transcoding MyFilm_SHR_F-133_EN-XX_51_2K_20191007_IOP_OV; Computing digests: 96%; 21s remaining; finishing at 13:51          
Checking content for changes: OK (ran for 0:00:00)           
Transcoding MyFilm_SHR_F-133_EN-XX_51_2K_20191007_IOP_OV: Error: Programming error at ../src/lib/ 20816 vs 20963

Any idea what this error is caused by?

I've tried it twice and got the same error both times at the same point.

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related to 0001691 resolvedcarl Crash at end of encode when DCP frame rate different from content frame rate and some content has no audio 



2019-10-10 20:45

reporter   ~0003467

Oh I forgot to say, I also added a 1-frame long DCI MXF file containing a black frame to the very end.


2019-10-10 21:47

administrator   ~0003468

Can I have metadata.xml and log files, please?


2019-11-20 11:30

administrator   ~0003596

ping @overlookmotel


2019-12-01 23:28

administrator   ~0003621

@carl emailed on 30/11


2019-12-10 12:50

reporter   ~0003637

I think I have better reproduction of this. I'll post details in next few days.


2019-12-16 23:04

administrator   ~0003653

Believed to be a dupe of 0001691.


2019-12-17 01:20

reporter   ~0003655

Actually I'm not sure this is a dupe of 1691 after all.

You said by email that 1691 was caused by "a bug with resampled audio on DCP sources". But this case didn't involve a DCP source.


2019-12-17 20:40

administrator   ~0003657

A good point and well made; it's not even the same error... I'll re-open.


2019-12-19 00:35

reporter   ~0003664

But I do think this is a dupe of 0001694. So I think can be safely closed now. I'll post a comment if it rears its head again.

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