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0001626DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2021-08-31 10:18
Reportercarl Assigned Tocarl  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Summary0001626: Auto line-wrapping of long subtitles


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2020-04-17 21:45

administrator   ~0003767

  • Just a control which sets the maximum width of subs in terms of the screen (e.g. 80% of width?)
  • Do we move things underneath down a line? Everything underneath down a line? Or try to merge lines somehow?


2020-04-17 22:11

administrator   ~0003768

Pinged SL about it on email.


2020-05-17 21:11

administrator   ~0003822

He sent a FB reply which i need to check.


2020-05-20 00:15

administrator   ~0003825

  • Lots of networks now expect max 2 lines with a max of 42 chars on each line
  • DoM could check for that constraint and error or try to fix things.
    -- only way to fix things is probably to space subs apart in time; 1.5s standing time per line is recommended
  • Use a safe margin of 10% on all sides


2020-05-20 00:17

administrator   ~0003826

Dropping the priority of this as it feels like

  • a big job
  • something that should be in a separate tool

Also there are the same concerns as for any features which want to modify content.


2020-08-25 23:03

administrator   ~0003911

Maybe it would make sense to put all this stuff (movement into safe area, wrapping etc.) behind a "automatically adjust" checkbox, or something like that.

2021-08-31 10:18

reporter   ~0004521

I actually think it would be better to just issue a warning and leave it to the user to correct his or her subtitles in an external tool. There is really no way to tell how the subtitles should be wrapped (or whether font size is maybe too big?).

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