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0001632DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2019-10-17 01:24
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Summary0001632: DCP-o-matic GUI allows to reference a VF for a VF - that should be precluded

It seems to be possible to add a VF to a project, assign an OV, and then check 'Refer to loaded DCP and create version file'.
That is not allowed - a VF should only refer to an OV.

(Technically, I am not 100% sure if that's even true, but, allowing to refer to VFs in the GUI is calling for trouble)

When I look at a typical VF (e.g. only subtitle added to image and sound), all that's happening is that the OV assets UUIDs are referenced in the CPL. That probably works by simply referencing these UUIDs in the servers assets database. That should work no matter how many 'VF hops' are in between?

Whatever - DCP-o-matic 2.13.156 does allow to create a VF referencing a VF...

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And - that is interesting, while somewhat logical:

Assume I have a standard trailer with only video and sound. I created a subtitled VF to that OV. I then created ANOTHER subtitled VF to that subtitled VF.

Now, when I load the second VF into DCP-o-matic player, it demands an OV to be assigned - that MUST BE the first VF. After that, it will still not play but insist on an OV to be assigned - that is the actual Trailer OV. Then I can play a VF, referring to a VF, referring to an OV.
Puzzling, but as I said, somewhat logical...

Wondering if this would work on our DCI machines as well. I have never seen a VF that references another VF, that references an OV. One would need to ingest all three...

Now - this bug refers to a forum thread - someone there wants to create a subtitled VF towards an existing VF containing a different subtitle language, so both languages can be displayed. THAT doesn't work, as both subtitles here would need to be nested on the CPL level. That is not possible. When using multiple individual subtitle files in a project as timed-text, DCP-o-matic always merges them into a single timed-text file. That is not done/possible using the VF->VF approach strictly for video, audio AND subtitles . It is only possible to have both subtitle files separated into consecutive reels, they can not be played over each other as from a merged file.

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