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0001641DCP-o-maticBugspublic2021-10-08 00:08
Reporteroverlookmotel Assigned Tocarl  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.14
Product Version2.14.8 
Summary0001641: Cannot open DCP with soft subtitles

I tried to re-wrap a DCP with DCP-o-matic in order to burn in the subtitles.

The DCP:

  • is Interop
  • has 2 CPLs
  • 2nd CPL contains soft subtitles

When switching to the 2nd CPL, the preview goes black and no subtitles options appear.

If you save the project, close DCP-o-matic and try to reopen the project, it gives an error:

Could not open film at /path/to/DOM/project/file
Programming error at ...src/lib/

I think actually the DCP is faulty. The CPL XML lists Duration and Intrinsic Duration of the subtitles as longer than they actually are.

So it's not really DCP-o-matic fault it won't open it. However, it could be nice if DCP-o-matic handled this more gracefully - it'd be great to be able to use DOM to rewrap and fix problems with DCPs like this.

Carl, I'll email you a link to the original DCP and DOM project shortly.

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2019-10-30 20:56

administrator   ~0003509

I see the blank video thing. Can't reproduce the crash yet.


2019-10-30 21:19

administrator   ~0003510

Ah, I see the crash too. It's not reliably reported (butler dies with an exception that nobody reports).


2019-10-30 21:32

administrator   ~0003511

@carl a DCPContentProperty::CPL change is emitted, causing pieces to be rebuilt. At that point a DCPDecoder is made which still sees the old TextContent; it has no texts so the DCPDecoder constructor makes no TextDecoders. However, the DCPContent cpl() has changed, so if pass() is called we come to pass_texts() which thinks that because there's a main_subtitle there must be a TextDecoder


2019-10-30 21:33

administrator   ~0003512

An OK fix for 2.14.x would probably be to just do nothing in pass_texts if there is no decoder. It all gets sorted out by (multiple) later signal emissions which cause piece rebuild, eventually with everything in order.


2019-10-30 21:41

administrator   ~0003513

Should be fixed in master by da39ed1516f2463f8a9bf4795a94f23d420c9ca3 which will be in 2.14.13.


2019-10-30 21:44

administrator   ~0003514

0486d4d94900c7f2a2cab7885b3f162d1ad8290c in v.2.15.x

Thanks for the report!

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