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0001678DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2021-01-08 00:47
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Summary0001678: Please add custom "Scale to" pixel dimensions

For example recently I was trying to make a DCP of the following file:

An anamorpic DVD-rip with the dimensions 720x576 and a pixel aspect ratio of 64/45. The active picture in this particular film is 2.00:1, that is 720x512 unstretched and 1024x512 when the mentioned pixel aspect ratio is applied.

So, what I would like to do in this case is crop 32 off top and bottom (576-512)/2 and then scale it up to either 1998x1000 (2.00:1 in FLAT) or 2048x1024 (2.00 in SCOPE) and then add padding for the target container format.

I was not able to do this in the current version of DoM.

One solution would be to just add the 2.00 format in the scale to drop-down list, but I think it would be really useful to have custom scale to pixel dimensions because this will probably not be the last weird aspect ratio a user will encounter.

Thanks for considering!

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duplicate of 0001353 closedcarl Custom scale to setting 
related to 0001669 closedcarl Revise 'Scale To' options and defaults 



2019-11-23 22:20

reporter   ~0003605

Sorry, the second alternative in my third paragraph above is not SCOPE but rather Full container because it overflows the 2K SCOPE height of 858px.


2020-05-12 19:40

administrator   ~0003817

Hopefully the changes made as part of 0001669 will satisfy this request. Let me know if not!

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