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0001912DCP-o-maticBugspublic2021-02-27 18:49
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Summary0001912: DoM-encrypted DCPs don't work in EasyDCP player

EasyDCP player 3.6.2, 1.{3,4}?, on Windows.

Encrypted DCP made in DoM; plays fine on Doremi/Barco, DoM player, NeoDCP player, validated with dcp_inspect.
When re-wrapped unencrypted without re-encoding it plays fine in EasyDCP player.

But the encrypted version says '"GPU-based JPEG2000 Codec" does not support source. EBCOT Tier-2 cannot be performed on frame 0. Error Message: Encountered unspecified failure while parsing the code-stream. Falling back to "Software JPEG2000 Codec" and shows frames with some detail from the correct picture but with massive colour tints.

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2021-02-27 18:45

administrator   ~0004132

easydcp_error_split.JPG (23,137 bytes)   
easydcp_error_split.JPG (23,137 bytes)   
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