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Summary0002068: Explain better export options

The page about exporting: is short, I propose to replace this paragrapgh as follows:

"From this dialogue you can select the required output format, output file and, in the case of MP4, the quality of the output file by setting the CRF value*. The time needed to export and the resulting size depends among others on the resolution of the DCP (to change it, see here**) and on the CRF value. Reasonable CRF values CRF start at 17, but the resulting file size can be almost equal to the input itself. For non-distribution purposes, 28 or even lower can be a much saner choice that still offer good image quality."

*"CRF Value" should point to
** "here" should point to

Steps To Reproduce

What I am still not sure about is what happens when I create a DCP from a source that is not that good, whether the exports at CRF 17 will be still as large. A discussion of the export dialog settings is here:

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