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0002444DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2023-09-01 21:53
Reportermhm Assigned Tocarl  
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Target Version2.16.43 
Summary0002444: Please add option to specify maximum file size for hash check in dcpomatic2_verify

Sometimes it is useful to skip verifying hashes for large files because it takes a lot of time. It would be useful with an option to skip checking hashes in the CLI tool (dcpomatic2_verify).

Even more useful would be to have a command line option for a maximum file size to check hashes for, eg in megabytes.

I use DoM:s verififier in combination with other tools (dcp_inspect, clairmeta, ...) because they check for different things. Hash checking though, is pretty much consistent between all tools so it is unneccecary to do it multiple times.



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Branch2444-verify-features (in libdcp)
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2023-02-12 19:16

administrator   ~0005485

Makes sense, I added --no-asset-hash-check and --asset-hash-check-maximum-size and these will be in DCP-o-matic 2.16.43.

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