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0002446DCP-o-maticBugspublic2023-02-12 22:10
Reportermhm Assigned Tocarl  
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Summary0002446: dcpomatic2_kdm_inspect "Error: Could not create parser context" on MacOS 13.1 (M1 MacMini)


Whatever I try I get this error when running dcpomatic2_kdm_inpspect:

% /Applications/DCP-o-matic\ kdm_Burning_DaysTR-_EN_multi_CPL_TMF_Aftonstjarnan_Goteborg_1_230123_060223.xml
Error: Could not create parser context

Am I doing something wrong?

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2023-02-12 06:37

reporter   ~0005477

Maybe related to 0002163


2023-02-12 06:38

reporter   ~0005478

And also to 0002162 ?


2023-02-12 13:00

administrator   ~0005480

Hi, I can't reproduce this here on Catalina - can you send the KDM?


2023-02-12 20:48

reporter   ~0005486

Sorry for the noise. I realised what the root cause for this was. The file was stored in a Dropbox folder configured make the files available on demand ("Make online-only"). With this setting they are shown to be zero bytes in the Finder etc.

I don't know if it is worth implementing a check for something like this. Maybe not.


2023-02-12 22:10

administrator   ~0005487

Thanks for checking. I made the error in this case a bit less confusing in my local copy.

@carl libdcp 16de10ded1501e59a95ca1efa6e6e8ab0c7283a4

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