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0002542DCP-o-maticBugspublic2024-01-13 10:04
Reporteroverlookmotel Assigned Tocarl  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.14
Product Version2.16.56 
Target Version2.16.58 
Summary0002542: Error from dcpomatic2_map when same asset used twice in CPL

I was trying out dcpomatic2_map, and hit an error.


  1. OV DCP, single reel
  2. VF DCP adding closed captions, multiple reels

The OV contains picture and sound in a single reel. But the VF is in 5 reels, with each reel referencing the same J2K + PCM MXFs, but with entry points and durations set differently. i.e. The VF chops up the OV into 5 reels (to obey the CCAP XML size limit).

When trying to create an OV from the VF's CPL, dcpomatic2_map threw an error:

Could not hard-link asset /output/j2c_49ed2bec-fe1c-492f-932c-2fe5081a017b.mxf: File exists

Indeed, after it's run, the output folder does contain hard links to the J2C and PCM MXFs.

I assume the problem is that dcpomatic2_map didn't notice the j2c asset was used more than once, and tried to copy it multiple times, rather than skip the duplicates.

Complete command line:

/Applications/DCP-o-matic\ -l -o /output -d /OV_DCP -d /VF_DCP /VF_DCP/cpl_f320b012-98af-41dd-81bf-cf83dd29b51c.xml

Both the input OV + VF DCPs are Interop and unencrypted.

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2023-05-30 16:21

administrator   ~0005716

Thanks, should be fixed in 2.16.58.



2023-05-30 23:52

developer   ~0005719

Amazing. Thank you Carl.


2023-06-03 15:00

developer   ~0005727

Sorry to be a pain, but is there any chance of releasing 2.16.58? There's a DCP I'll need to make in a couple of days which will have same structure as the above, so would be a good opportunity to test out the fix.


2023-06-03 20:22

administrator   ~0005729

Sure, I just need to straighten something out with the automated tests, then I'll make a release.


2023-06-05 15:10

administrator   ~0005737

The release is up now.


2023-06-05 17:59

developer   ~0005738

Brilliant. Thank you. I'll give it a whirl later tonight and report back.


2023-06-08 03:02

developer   ~0005739

This seems to be fixed, but couldn't confirm because of 0002555.

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