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0002585DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2023-09-07 17:17
Reporteroverlookmotel Assigned Tocarl  
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PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.14
Product Version2.16.59 
Target Version2.16.64 
Summary0002585: dcpomatic2_map does not use Issuer or Creator from config

Observed while testing test build d21efc8:

A small nit...

The PKL and ASSETMAP created by dcpomatic2_map contain Issuer and Creator both as libdcp 1.8.74.

It would be preferable in my view if they used the Issuer and Creator set in preferences (config.xml). If no values set in preferences, the usual "DCP-o-matic" identifiers would be better in my opinion.

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2023-07-05 14:17

developer   ~0005844

Background on why this is useful for us:

We set Creator in config.xml to contain the version of our software which is making the CLI calls to e.g. dcpomatic2_cli, dcpomatic2_map. Even if the version of DCP-o-matic used to make 2 DCPs may be the same, the "wrapper" software that called DCP-o-matic may be different. What version of our wrapper software a DCP was made with is useful to know when it comes to troubleshooting.


2023-09-04 11:27

developer   ~0005925

Just to flag that I'd like to start putting dcpomatic2_map through its paces with "real world" usage. However, even though this issue is a small thing, it has outsized importance in our use case, so is a blocker on us using dcpomatic2_map for now.

Assuming this would be a fairly simple change to make, Carl would you have time to give it a go?

Obviously if it's more complex than I think, or you have other more pressing priorities, please feel free to ignore me! Sorry to be demanding. I hope you can understand my motivation.


2023-09-04 11:36

administrator   ~0005926

Sure, makes sense, I'll bump it up the list.


2023-09-04 23:33

administrator   ~0005932



2023-09-07 17:17

developer   ~0005934

Thank you very much Carl.

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