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0002647DCP-o-maticBugspublic2024-01-02 02:23
ReporterCarsten Assigned Tocarl  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.12
Product Version2.16.x 
Target Version2.16.67 
Summary0002647: LEQ(m) calculation has bugs

Looks as if LEQ(m) calculation has a bug in that the results vary with the number of audio channels. E.g. the same audio gives different results when e.g. 6 channels have been assigned in the DCP, vs, 8 or 16. As a result, you may get correct LEQ(m) values when you use a 5.1 source file in a 6ch DCP, but when you create a SMPTE DCP with 8 or 16channels in the mxf, the LEQ(m) will not calculate to the same number. That doesn't seem to happen with LUFS.

I guess both LUFS and LEQ(m) should only use active channels, and there should also be a limitation to useful audio channels, that is, exclude HI/VI-N, ATMOS TC, dbox tracks, etc.

That would mean, look only at channels 1-6, 11/12, and also take into account audio matrix.


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related to 0001991 closedcarl LEQ(m) calculations probably wrong with stereo sources in 5.1 projects 



2023-11-11 00:24

administrator   ~0006062

Carsten mentioned some problems with this.


2023-11-11 16:23

manager   ~0006063

How is the channel assignment done for LUFS/R128 vs. LEQ(m)?


2023-11-11 18:57

administrator   ~0006065

Good question, it looks like LUFS/R128 only takes 5.1 and ignores anything else.


2023-11-15 13:31

administrator   ~0006071

Need to work out why Carsten gets failure to analyse audio with this branch (mentioned on the forum).


2023-11-15 13:40

manager   ~0006072

Occasionally, I get that error message when trying to analyse audio. Usually it's fixed after deleting the analysis folder.

I just set up a project to reproduce this new issue with 2.16.66devel:

Create new project. Per default, number of DCP audio channels is set to 6. Add an audio MXF with 16 channels from a DCP previously generated with DCP-o-matic. In the matrix, only channel 1-6 are assigned, 7-16 remain unassigned.
Choose 'Show Graph of audio levels'. The window opens, but it says: 'Could not analyse audio'.
Set number of DCP channels to 16 under DCP->Audio. After that, analysis is performed successfully, and it looks as if the LUFS/LEQ relationship makes sense.


2023-11-15 16:50

administrator   ~0006073

Thanks - this should be fixed now, I'll make another build.


2023-11-20 06:35

administrator   ~0006086

Hopefully all fixed in 4ae0193c125cc70176eb1660919d507fbf5378e4


2024-01-02 02:23

reporter   ~0006180

Maybe related to 0001107

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