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0002787DCP-o-maticBugspublic2024-03-07 21:07
Reporterchr.hove Assigned Tocarl  
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Platform64-bitOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu
Product Version2.16.78 
Summary0002787: Content of DCP->Name input field is used instead of ISDCF name when issuing KDMs directly from DOM

On 2.16.78 (not present in the list of product versions above) if I issue KDMs directly from DOM the $CPL_NAME variable in the sent emails produces the content of the DCP->Name input field rather that the ISCDF name (which is checked for use, see picture).
This results in email content:

Dear Projectionist
Please find attached KDMs for KulturskolenMar24tt.
Cinema: Biffen Nordkraft
Screen(s): C, B, A

When using the dedicated KDM creator application (from DOM DKDM), the email content (and subject) is correct:

Dear Projectionist
Please find attached KDMs for KulturskolenMa_SHR-1-30_F-178_DA-XX_20_2K_20240306_BTD_SMPTE_OV.
Cinema: Biffen Nordkraft
Screen(s): A, C, B

It seems that $CPL_NAME return different strings depending on from which application it is used.

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2024-03-07 14:05


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2024-03-07 21:06

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Thanks for the note, that should be fixed in 2.16.79.

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