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0000366DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2016-08-25 10:06
ReportermhmAssigned Tocarl 
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Summary0000366: Filenames suggestions

Please use {cpl,pkl}_[uuid].xml as this is more true to de-facto convention, ie prefix filenames with xml file kind.

Also it would be useful with an option to use {pcm,j2c}_[uuid].mxf for the track assets.

Even better would be an option to compose an own template for filenames with file type (pcm, j2c, pkl, cpl) and uuid as variables.


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related to 0000710 acknowledged Set name of MXFs/CPLs etc. 



2015-05-17 22:30

reporter   ~0000618


I think this is an important feature, because right now track filenames are soley based on "Film" name which means that mxf file names of eg a feature and trailer of the same title has the same file name.

It would probably be best to base filenames on uuid:s.



2015-05-18 09:57

administrator   ~0000624

{cpl,pkl,j2c,pcm}_uuid.{xml,mxf} implemented in 21f33acd3580c6e5c4ec1e7449b419c3178aa8ab.


2015-05-18 09:58

administrator   ~0000625

Changed priority now it's only the feature request:

Even better would be an option to compose an own template for filenames with file type (pcm, j2c, pkl, cpl) and uuid as variables.


2016-06-07 04:37

developer   ~0001283

Can't find my other related proposition for this.
With multireels dcp, having also the source file name would be really helpful.
{cpl,pkl,j2c,pcm}{source file}{reel 1of11}_uuid.{xml,mxf}


2016-08-25 10:06

administrator   ~0001397

I believe this is all done now.

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