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0000458DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2021-02-18 19:22
Reportercarl Assigned Tocarl  
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Summary0000458: Warn with subtitles of less than 1s duration

Also, I have a suggest: I discovered that some Servwers (like dolby)
don't play subtitle if some subtitles is less than 1 second.
The server out this error:
"Found subtitles file with Time out less than one second from time in
for subtitles (...)"
I think that should be useful add a check for subtitles (without
correction) with warnong in case, what do you think?

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related to 0001798 resolvedcarl Comply with (or at least warn about deviations from) SMPTE Bv2.1 application profile 



2015-01-20 04:42

developer   ~0000455

Other subtitle rules that can be useful:
-No less than 1 second
-Timecode overlapping, including duplicate subtitles
-No less than 3 frames of separation between subtitles


2015-09-06 00:41

administrator   ~0000848

May be hard in the case of FFmpeg content with text subtitles as scanning the file may take a long time.


2015-09-06 00:52

developer   ~0000849

It could be a set of hints/warnings:
-For srt file, shown after importing
-For FFmpeg content, at worst is shown after codification, maybe with other alerts in the future (high bitrate, letterboxed image, non compliant CPL name, ...)
-For FFmpeg content, make the check optional, it can include sound analysis (with volume correction proposal), subtitles, cropping proposal, low resolution, other image checking.


2021-02-18 19:22

administrator   ~0004128

There's a hint now if a subtitle is shorted than 15 frames (per Bv2.1).

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