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0000601DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2017-04-21 09:53
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Summary0000601: Write bitmap subtitles as PNG to Interop/SMPTE streams


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related to 0000606 closedcarl Warn if non-burnt-in subs will not work 



2015-06-19 19:27

administrator   ~0000699

This is a fairly significant amount of work, as it means libdcp has to move to a writer-style API for writing subs as well as images and sound. Currently it stores text subtitles in memory and writes them all out at the end, but this isn't possible for bitmaps.

It's not clear how much demand there is for this feature, or how well projection system is tested with image rather than text subs.


2016-07-06 19:01

administrator   ~0001345

It seems that this feature is quite widely used for subs that come in as text to work around unreliability in rendering.


2016-07-07 23:37

administrator   ~0001348

For SMPTE I think this is just reading/writing the PNGs from the ResourceList (like how fonts are read/written already). For Interop I'm not sure.

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