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0000932DCP-o-maticFeaturespublic2017-04-21 10:13
ReporterCarsten Assigned Tocarl  
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PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.6
Product Version2.9.0 
Summary0000932: Add cursor based X/Y/Z number display in vector scope, giving 'real' 12Bit X/Y/Z numbers

Add cursor based X/Y/Z number display in vector scope, giving 'real' 12Bit X/Y/Z numbers.

So if you move the cursor over the image/vectorscope, you would see the full X/Y/Z triplet for the specific part of the image, based on the actual conversion formula set up in color conversion.

  • Carsten
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2016-08-16 14:10

administrator   ~0001370

Basic mouseover in video waveform done in f8a0bc6135a933dcf660bbc46b4b3d29d503690e


2016-08-19 14:18

manager   ~0001386

Yup, works, but would be nice to beef this up to show all three XYZ values simultaneously.


2016-08-22 16:31

administrator   ~0001387

Last edited: 2016-08-22 16:33

I'm not sure I follow. The XYZ values would all equal to the "component value" in that window. It's not showing the image, it's showing the frequency of each possible X/Y/Z pixel value in each vertical strip of the image.

So if we have one vertical strip of the video waveform at, say, x=42 which looks like this:

4096 X
3584 x
3072 x
2560 .
2048 .
1536 .
1024 .
512 X
0 X

it means that that vertical line in the <b>image</b> has lots of high-valued (4096/3584/3072) pixels, lots of low-valued pixels (0-512) and not much in between. What do you need to find out from the waveform?


2016-08-22 19:55

manager   ~0001388

Last edited: 2016-08-22 19:59

The idea is to not have to switch the component selector X/Y/Z at the top to see all three XYZ values at the same time for the same mouse position.

Maybe need to switch from vectorscope to an image coordinate based display? Would be quite helpful to see the actual XYZ value for a specific image region.

  • Carsten


2016-08-22 21:40

administrator   ~0001390

What you say would make sense for an image coordinate-based display, indeed. With the current display the X, Y or Z values for any particular part of the image would be the same, since the mouse-over numbers just say where the mouse is in the image, not what it contains.

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