Chapter 5. Manipulating existing DCPs

Table of Contents

Importing a DCP into DCP-o-matic
Decrypting encrypted DCPs
Making a DCP from a DCP
Re-use of existing data
Making overlay files

Frequently DCP-o-matic is used to take content in formats such as MP4 and convert it to JPEG2000 for a DCP. It can also be used to take existing DCPs and modify them in various ways.

Importing a DCP into DCP-o-matic

If you want to do something to an existing DCP the first step is to import it. Click Add DCP... and select your DCP's folder. It will be added to the DCP-o-matic project. If the DCP is unencrypted you can preview it in the normal way, though playback will be very slow as decoding of DCPs is almost as computationally intensive as encoding them.

If your DCP is a Version File (VF) (i.e. it refers to another DCP's assets) you should import it as follows:

  • Use Add DCP... to import the VF DCP. The VF DCP will be added to the content list and marked “NEEDS OV”.
  • Right-click on the VF DCP in the content list and choose Add OV... from the menu.
  • Choose the folder that contains the OV DCP. The VF will now be playable as normal.