Adding soundtracks or subtitles in different languages

If you have a film that is to be dubbed or subtitled in several languages, the best approach with DCP-o-matic is as follows:

Once you have done this, you send the OV DCP to every cinema and then the appropriate VF to each cinema depending on what language they want to play the film in. The projectionist ingests both DCPs and then plays the VF.

The advantage of this approach is that the VF DCPs are much smaller than the OV since they only have the language-specific parts. If you are just changing the subtitles you can often ship the OV by normal transport means (e.g. a hard drive or high-speed download) and send the VF by email.

The full details of OV and VF files are discussed in the section called “Making overlay files”. The steps can be summarised as follows: