Changes in version 1.79.0

Important notes for this release:

Changes in this version

Translation updates

Bug fixes


New features

Thanks to Dennis Couzin, Igor Voytovich, Thierry Journet and Carsten Kurz.

Three new supporters have been added since 1.78.0: thanks to Frechen-Film e.V., Adrian Manolescu and Raoul Walzer.

Changes in version 1.78.0

This version includes:

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Igor Voytovich, Christian Hove, Jose Angel Velasco Fernandez, Steve Smail, Markus Raab, Davide Sanvito, Thierry Journet and Manuel AC.

Six new supporters have been added since 1.77.0: thanks to Jose Angel Velasco Fernandez, Christopher Gray, Rui Pereira, Lawrence Towers, Frank Wenz and Roland Wirtz.

Changes in version 1.77.0

This version includes:

Thanks to Mike Blakesley, Carsten Kurz, David Nedrow, Thierry Journet, Mark Rolfe, Lilian Lefranc, Manuel AC and Elad Saad.

Eight new supporters have been added since 1.76.0: thanks to Eric Audurier, Maxime Estoppey, Patrick Haderer, Гуляев Михаил, David Nedrow, Jerome Cohen Olivar, Richard Turner and Johannes Wilbrand.

Changes in version 1.76.0

This version includes

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Cherif Ben Brahim and Raymond Steers.

Changes in version 1.73.0

This version includes:

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Grégoire Ausina, Will Meadows and Jamie Rokovetsky.

Changes in version 1.72.0

This release includes: Thanks to Matthias Damm and Daniel Chauvet.

Changes in version 1.70.0

This version includes: Thanks to Sumit Guha, Pradeep, Carsten Kurz, Matthias Damm, Bill Hamell and Daniel Chauvet.

Changes in version 1.69.0

This version includes:

Thanks to Gérald Maruccia, Adam Colt, Thierry Journet, Theo Kooijmans, Max Aeschlimann, Andy Neddermeyer, Manual AC and Matthias Damm.

Changes in version 1.66.0

This release features:

Thanks to Markus Raab.

Changes in version 1.65.0

This version includes:

Thanks to William Fanelli, Ivan Pullman, lukegb and Adam Colt.

Changes in version 1.64.0

This version adds some new features:

There are also some bug fixes:

Thanks to Adam Colt, Luke, Thierry Journet, Denzil Kriekenbeek, Brad Miller, Markus Raab and Adam Klotblixt for their suggestions, bug reports and contributions.

Changes in version 1.57

This version adds a nascent dcpomatic_create (for creating DCPs on the command line) and also adds more careful exception handling.

In addition there is a fix for some problems with opening large content files on Windows.

There is also a new de_DE translation from Markus Raab. Thanks Markus!

Changes in version 1.53

This version fixes some bugs:

and adds a few small things:

Changes in version 1.46

This release fixes:

Changes in version 1.42

Compared to version 1.34 this has some new features: It also has some bug fixes:

Changes in version 1.41

This version adds a ‘play length’ to the timing panel to make it easier to do trims without arithmetic. There are some speed-ups to the player, and DCP signing is now optional.

There are also a few small bug fixes.

Changes in version 1.40

This fixes a few minor bugs that were introduced in 1.39.

Changes in version 1.39

This version fixes

There is also an updated French translation from Lilian Lefranc.

Finally, it adds a primitive ‘join’ command to join together VOB files from DVDs.

Changes in version 1.37

This version fixes a variety of problems when using filenames containing non-Latin characters. There is also an updated French translation from Lilian Lefranc.

Changes in version 1.34

This fixes the OS X and Windows installers to actually work... sorry!

Changes in version 1.33

This makes discovery of specified servers actually work, and should fix crashes when servers and clients are using different locales.

Changes in version 1.29

This fixes a crash on the audio summary view, and possibly others.

Changes in version 1.28

This version fixes a nasty bug when using multiple video content files (causing slow-downs and large memory usage).

It also fixes:

Changes in version 1.27

This release auto-detects encoding servers on the local subnet. Servers can also be added during an encoding run and they will be picked up and used.

There are also various bug fixes, mostly related to trimming of content.

The download page now includes an ISO of a bootable live Debian image which auto-starts the DCP-o-matic server. Boot this from a CD or USB key on a nearby PC and watch your encoding speed increase!

Changes in version 1.24

This fixes failure to reload configuration on non-English locales; this caused disappearance of colour conversion presets and KDM target screens. Thanks to Andreas Weller.

Changes in version 1.23

This just adds some more debugging for config load failures.

Changes in version 1.22

This version fixes a crash related to audio analysis and adds some debug code for configuration saving.

Changes in version 1.21

This version should fix directory pickers on Ubuntu 13.10.

Changes in version 1.20

This version adds the ability to load in previous films with missing content, and then to fix the content locations.

Changes in version 1.19

This version just fixes incorrect gamma values for the Rec. 709 colour preset. Note that if you have been using 1.18 the preset will not be updated.

Changes in version 1.18

This version fixes a few bugs:

There are also some improvements with progress reporting and a couple of other minor fixes.

Changes in version 1.16

This version adds or restores a few small features:

Changes in version 1.15

This version fixes more startup problems on OS X and a few crashes in the KDM generation dialogue.

Changes in version 1.14

This version fixes an error message at the end of the encode (on Windows) and a complete failure to start on OS X.

Changes in version 1.11

This fixes some errors in the digital signatures applied to CPLs and PKLs.

Changes in version 1.10

This version fixes some installation problems on Windows and has a couple of fixes for KDM generation.

Changes in version 1.07

This version adds basic encryption support: you can create encrypted DCPs and KDMs to unlock them. Any testing is very welcome.

Changes in version 1.04

This version fixes some problems with the .deb packages.

Changes in version 1.03

This release is built with a newer compiler on Windows, which should fix some crashes on 32-bit.

Changes in version 1.02

This version just allows a wider range of values for JPEG2000 bandwidth.

Changes in version 1.01

This version fixes:

and a couple of other minor bugs.

Changes in version 1.00

This is the first release version of DCP-o-matic.