General Advice please!

Anything and everything to do with DCP-o-matic.
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General Advice please!

Post by TLMedia »

I'm new to creating DCPs so could do with some advice.

I'm aware the file names and locations need to stay exactly the same, but not sure if that's once the DCP has been made, or from the first Premiere Pro project made at the very beginning of production.

I'd be very grateful for any general advice.
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Re: General Advice please!

Post by Carsten »

A DCP is a set of files

Once created, you may put these files into a folder, rename the folder, whatever. But none of the individual files (MXF, XML) should ever be changed or renamed. The DCP foldername that DCP-o-matic creates will be identical to the CPL/composition name. You can change that folder name to something simple, e.g. from

But don't touch any of the files within that folder.

Don't mix the DCP foldername with the project foldername. After creation, the DCP folder will be created WITHIN the project folder.

What you do with your source files, is up to you. However, DCP-o-matic stores their name and location with the project, so if you change them later, you have to tell DCP-o-matic where to find them. If you rename or relocate a file that is used in a DCP-o-matic project, DCP-o-matic will show it 'missing' in red. You can right-click on it's project entry and choose 'find missing' then.
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