Chapter 14. Generated files

DCP-o-matic generates a number of files as it makes a DCP. Figure 14.1, “Creating a new film” shows the files that might be generated after you have created a DCP for a film called ‘DCP Test’.

Figure 14.1. Creating a new film

Creating a new film

The DCP Test folder is the one that you specify when you select the New Film option from DCP-o-matic's menu. Everything is stored inside this folder.

DCP-o-matic generates some working files as it goes along. These are as follows:

Following this is the DCP itself: DCP-TEST_EN-XX_UK-U_51_2K_CSY_20130218_CSY_OV. This contains some small XML files, which describe the DCP, and two large MXF files, which contain the DCP's audio and video data. It may also contain subtitles or closed captions in either XML or MXF format. This folder (DCP-TEST_EN-XX_...) is what you should ingest, or pass to the cinema which is showing your DCP.