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0001032DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2016-12-16 22:06
ReporterIgor.VoytAssigned Tocarl 
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Summary0001032: VF CPL only

For example we have existing DCP with ADV or TRL and FTR content, but we need cut something from it (e.g. ADV), not add or change. At the moment it is possible only by making new DCP, and as result we spend much disk space for it.
If it could be possible add existing DCP and set start-time for VF DCP and just re-generate CPL.xml for our existing DCP. In this case we don't need make whole new DCP.
Also if OV DCP is multi-reel, importing DCP should recognize reels and probably should be option to turn off some reels, we need to skip in VF DCP.

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2016-12-16 10:59

administrator   ~0001578

You can sort of do this now:

  1. import a DCP.
  2. set a start trim on it to remove some content.
  3. tick "refer to existing" for video/sound/{subtitle}
  4. make DCP and you get a VF with just a CPL which refers to your existing DCP.


2016-12-16 11:01

administrator   ~0001579

In general I think we are missing an option to make just a new CPL/PKL to be combined with existing asset files.


2016-12-16 11:59

reporter   ~0001582

Right, I would make so, if the checkbox was not inactive :)


2016-12-16 12:09

administrator   ~0001583

You are also seeing inactive refer checkboxes?


2016-12-16 12:49

reporter   ~0001585

Yes, exactly about this I'm talking


2016-12-16 13:14

reporter   ~0001586

Last edited: 2016-12-16 13:26

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Hmm.. seems like "refer to..." not working, even if add aditional content

upd: in DoM 2.8.0 "refer to..." works. Hmm...


2016-12-16 16:11

administrator   ~0001589

Would you mind giving me a step by step way to reproduce that?


2016-12-16 22:06

reporter   ~0001590

I'm sorry, Carl. I don't know what's going with DoM on my machines, but on pc1 at first was permanently inactive checkbox 'refer to...', and now importing DCP began crashing. Strange, but on pc2 DoM_2.10.4 works fine. Probably I need to make clean install.

I have some thoughts about VF CPL. Let's suppose, that we have a multi-reel DCP feature film. Suppose it is a kind of "Director's cut", and we want to make theatrical version by cutting out extra-content. At the moment we can only trim from start and/or end, but we can't cut something in the middle. I mean it would be nice feature to turn off some reels to skip them in VF DCP. What do you think?

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