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0001118DCP-o-maticBugspublic2018-10-17 20:16
ReporterCarsten Assigned Tocarl  
Status closedResolutionreopened 
PlatformMacOSOS X OS Version10.11
Product Version2.11.0 
Target Version2.12.0 
Summary0001118: ISDCF/DCNC generated CPL names should only carry numerical values in interior aspect ratio descriptor

I just created a scope DCP from an 1:2.35 source (scale to 2.35), and noticed that DOM creates a CPL name:


Where the '-S' is added to denote the 2.35 aspect ratio. There is probably a placeholder used internally for this, as this is correct for e.g. 16:9 scaling (S-178). The same happens when using scale to Flat (S-F) and Full Container (S-C).

235, 185, 190 should be used, it should only be numerical values.

Of course, in current DOM versions, this can easily be corrected by copying the static name and editing to <MyFeature>_FTR-1_S-235_DE...

  • Carsten
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2017-08-27 00:42

administrator   ~0001791

Thanks. Should be fixed by 429094f009920a14353684e83b4628bfac323617.


2017-11-15 00:53

manager   ~0001843

NEARLY fixed. DOM still creates a 'full-frame' internal aspect designator instead of 190, e.g.


I just browsed through all the other aspect ratio options, and it seems all others are handled correctly.

  • Carsten


2018-01-02 17:49

administrator   ~0001892

Should be fixed by 9458457504af5548bc51b3c29e65dbe92fd0513d

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